September 12, 2012

Mid-Week Mind Dump

Isn't this the CUTEST picture of Connor and his Great Granddaddy???

I love it.  I want to frame it. :-)

Watching the TCU game of course....
I ordered this on Zulily the other day....OMG so cute!  Ha ha!  Maybe he can wear it to a game when it's cold outside?
I ordered these sheets a few weeks ago.  They are from Olive Kids.  I ordered the wrong ones...I meant to get the airplane sheets. 

If you want these I will give you a fab deal on them!!!!  Just email me at
& I'll ship them ASAP!!!  They are so cute!!! Size is TWIN.
My ovaries are aching...I miss this.  I'm constantly contemplating a #2 but in my mind I know now is not the right time.  I love my sleep and the age Connor is now....but I am constantly wondering if I'll look back one day and wonder if we should've given him a sibling?  Weird.  I think about random things constantly...which is why I worry...why my anxiety is so bad! Blah blah blah!!! LOL!

We are all just trying to do the best we can right?  I know I falter in a lot of way at being a wife and mother...but with God anything is possible!
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Jessica Renee said...

aww i love the TCU outfit, so cute!!!

And he was so little!! :( I know when V is older I'm gonna do a lot of stressing too about giving her a sibling. Do what's good for y'all, girly!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That outfit is SO CUTE Becky!