August 19, 2012

Vacationing with a Two Year Old

We had so much fun at Shrek Fest this past weekend, but let me tell you vacationing with a two year old is crazy town!  Anytime you are away from home and in a new place your child is going to get excited and over stimulated.  That’s just the way it is. 
I would suggest bringing lots of snacks.  Hotels are expensive and I’m not buying Connor a $4 beverage everywhere we go.  Also, I know this sounds silly, but a child “leash” is good as well.  Connor tends to run off.  It scares me because there people everywhere!  It makes me feel better knowing I can hang onto him. 
If we are going to be in the car for a significant amount of time we bring the DVD player.  That thing is a life saver!  Lots of books and toys are always on hand as well.  We keep a stash of extra diapers and wipes in our car for emergencies.  Don’t forget your child’s favorite lovey or blanket, because they’ll be away from home these items can be comforting to them.
We had such a great trip and I loved seeing the excitement in Connor’s eyes.   It made it all worthwhile.  While some things didn’t go how I had expected, we had a blast!  I am a major planner and our dinner lasted longer than expected so we missed the meet and greet with Shrek.  While you can’t prepare for everything you can try and make life a little easier.  I know we aren’t going to be eating our best while on vacation.  We brought along some Culturelle Kids! Packets.   They help reduce digestive upset, support natural defenses, and provide a solution for digestive discomfort and poor health. 

I take probiotics and I was excited to learn that Culturelle Kids! Had one for Connor too!  Probiotics are a great thing to take daily.  Probiotics are good for you microorganisms. They help your body with certain functions especially in the digestive area.  I mix one packet with Connor’s drink and he doesn’t even know it’s in there!  I know I’m giving him something beneficial to his health and that makes me happy.
I hope you all have great summer vacations and enjoy the time with your family and friends because school is right around the corner! 
"I was given Culturelle Kids! To try for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own."
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LWLH said...

I'll have to tell my sister about those! :)

Replicator said...

I agree completely. It was fun 2 go for a 3 day long trip with my 2 year oldie as well. Thanks for sharing the blog and the snacks :)

sam said...

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