August 13, 2012

Monday Mish Mash

Well, the Olympics are over.  I sure did enjoy the closing ceremony....the Olympics are great and I'm sad they are over.  There were several memorable moments.  Check out McKayla's Not Impressed if you want a good laugh.  I'm ready to watch MasterChef....I've been waiting patiently to see who wins!

Donna is coming back to SUITS! Yay!  The show is not the same without her.  I guess all that #savedonna tweeting was totally worth it ;-)

What the heck did Miley do to her hair???

I am really wondering what is going on with this girl?  Is she pulling a Britney right now or going through some kind of mental crisis?  Why Miley...WHY?


We went to Paxton's 5th birthday party
Didn't his Mom do such a good job on his bat cave?

Connor spent the night with his Grana & Pop. He has such a good time with them. Terence and I were able to go out on a date to see Batman and we ate at the Outback. A little anniversary celebration-better late than never!!!! Thank you Grana & Pop!

Every time I look at him he seems a little more grown up....time's going too fast!
Oh and we had a little bit of this goodness as well :-)
T'was a fab weekend indeed.....and now back to the daily grind!
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Jazmine G. said...

Yeah I didn't like Miley Cyrus new hair. It looks bad. Lol

Mrs. Harvey said...

Love your blog! Found it through your post on Kelly's Korner SUYL last Friday. :)

Jules said...

Her hair is atrocious!!!! So glad that you and the hubby got out for a little celebration....well deserved!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I really want to start watching Suits, it looks good!

And maybe Miley did it for a movie? I hope...

Tristan said...

poor girl..she was so dissapointed in her self.

OMG WTH did miley do to that head of hers..OMG..ahhhhh.

glad you had a good weekend!!

Whitney said...

Being totally honest here... I just want Donna and Harvey to make out. And fall in love, get married, and have cute little babies. But then Suits wouldn't be very Suits-like anymore, would it?

LWLH said...

Miley's hair, ick.
No likey.

In This Wonderful Life said...

glad you had a good weekend!! Miley's hair is DIFFERENT..wasn't expecting it!