August 9, 2012

Diggin the Dragon

Connor loves that movies "How to Train Your Dragon".  I really enjoy that one too because it's not too cartoon-ish.  A really cool company called Hullabalu sent him this dragon.  He LOVES it!

He gives Cedric kisses
Cedric "Draggory" is so awesome and when you push his neck he blows imaginary fire! Oh my!
Hullabalu has a great selection of stuffed animals! Hulabalu is about to launch their website with a full line of funny and furry animals with stories to share!  
He flies!!!

We got our box of clothes from Wittlebee this week too!

I love this box to door service because you get a great selection of clothing from some awesome brands.

Here is what we got this month:
Hey it's almost Friday so things are looking up!

This little guy has gymnastics today and he loves it.  Now if he'll only follow the rules on the trampoline we'll be golden.  I love seeing how much fun he has every time we go :-)

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Joanna said...

love those curls!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

He is so happy!

Mason's Mama said...

Cute!!! We haven't seen that movie yet, but I bet my little Mason would like it. I've never heard of Wittlebee., but I'm going there now!!

Tristan said...

how cute..ihave yet to see that movie though!

the box of clothes is so cute!!

have fun at gymnastics connor!

Shoshanah said...

First, I love how Connor's dragon is somehow named after R Patz!

Second, I really liked How to Train Your Dragon. And clearly we're not the only ones since there's now a tv show version, they're planning a sequel, and there's even an off-Broadway play.

Allison said...

your little guy is so precious! I love the curls and blue eyes!

LWLH said...

So cute!
And Connor is adorable as always.