August 29, 2012

Crafting: What Do You Need?

Everyone has one...or maybe not everyone...but you know what I mean.  A closet where you stash stuff.  Stuff that you know you'll use someday.  I mean you have to use it someday right?  I love throwing get togethers and parties.  I'm always on the lookout for a good deal or something festive because I may need it someday.
Some may call this hoarding, but I call it thrifty!  Ha ha!
I like to craft and get creative, but I don't have much time for that business these days.  Pinterest certainly doesn't help that problem.  I have so many things pinned for "someday". 
It's easier to just pin it and forget about it....hopefully someday you'll come back to it.  Unfortunately for me I just keep pinning more stuff.  You know because I may need to know how to do that craft or skill.....someday......
So...just curious.  What are the essentials you keep on hand at your house?   It seems like whenever I start to do a project I'm missing something.  It's like baking a cake and forgetting the eggs constantly! 
Here is my messy closet, full of things I'm most certainly going to use eventually......

Everyone loves tissue paper pom poms.
These were a steal for $1 at Michaels :-)
(And I don't have to do anything but hang them)
I don't remember where I got this?
But who knows when you'll need a banner
Cute napkins from HomeGoods
Happy Birthday Garland
I love this company called Meri Meri
Cute washi tape
An array of ribbons

I got this cute card holder from Zulily
I think it would look good holding pictures too!
I think it's TAG2U
Lots of fun straws
Paper Goods: Bags & Popcorn/Candy holders
Cupcake Kits: Also from Meri Meri

And someday my dream is to have a room like this!
Well, we all dream ;-)

Some of my favorite sites to get crafting deals on the cheap:

So what are you hiding in your craft closet & what are some staples you keep around "just in case"?
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Jessica Renee said...

I collect a bunch of cute stuff like that and never use it, I need to get on that! lol

Also you may have ruined my life. I had no idea about Rubee Lane, Very Jane and Sassy Steals. I may be spending $ every day from now on! :p

Erin said...

Thanks for the links!! When asked who referred me, I entered your email! Hopefully that means you get a discount or something amazing! :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love craft paper, it's a huge addiction.

Jennifer said...

Scrapbooking and card making stuff! I do make stuff but not nearly enough :/

Kay Maher said...

Oh, my! I have a ROOM that looks like your closet! My husband has told me I have to get it in order & organized or he's taking it! It will be done by the end of September!! LOL! I have a closet full of 'gifts' that I buy through out the year to give as birthday and Christmas gifts. With 11 grandkids, I have to get a head start!

Nicole said...

I am ADDICTED to baking stuff! cupcake liners, cookie cutters etc...I think "your closet" would look adorable with some labeled bins or baskets with all the items grouped together for example: all cupcake liners in one....all straws/cups in another...and you can totally make a "bday kit" with the poms and banner....the card holder would be adorable spray painted a bright color with cute snapshots of have alot of fun, quality items to work with ;-)

LWLH said...

Love all of it. So cute and colorful.