July 5, 2012

Our Bathrooms {Over the Years}

Linking up again with Kelly's tour of homes.

I love looking at houses and if you really love houses then you'll love this site called Hooked on Houses.  I could surf that site forever!

Our bathrooms are not too exciting!

But I'll share anyways :-)

Here is our master tub/shower
 Guest Bathroom
I really want to frame out that mirror
And now for a little history..... this is our first bathroom as a married couple almost 11 years ago!  This was our one bathroom in our base housing on Little Rock Air Force Base.  Oh 70's bathroom memories.....
 Then we moved into our one bedroom apartment in Little Rock....
 Then our 1 bedroom apartment in Plano, TX...
And if it weren't for Connor we'd probably still be living in a one bedroom apartment if it were up to Terence!  Ha ha!  Or a condo or something.  He does not like yard work....even though he's worked really hard and I think we have the best yard on the street ;-)

I love this yellow hair dryer chandelier at DryBar....my next bathroom. 

This will be in it ;-)

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Linds said...

I wish I had pictures of our old bathrooms so we could show our kids. We lived in Carlson Terrace at U of A when we first got married. Cinder block walls, and a stand in shower only, but it had 1 ft walls like a bathtub (it was a square). SO odd. And small! haha!

Tiffany Norris said...

That chandelier is awesome! I linked an older post about our guest bathroom because our master bathroom still needs some work. I'm with your husband--love the house, but the apartment is so much easier! ;)

LWLH said...

I want that chandelier too...that's awesome.

Karrie said...

The hair dryer chandelier is awesome!