July 2, 2012


Our best friends came to visit from Arkansas this weekend.  Kristin, Nate, Brayden, Abby, Lane, and their nephew Skylar.  We miss them so much!  We have so many great memories with them over the years and we've always been there for each other no matter what.  Kristin and I have been friends since middle school.  It's been a joy watching all the kids grow up and knowing that no matter where life takes us all we can always get together and catch up where we left off.

We miss you with all our hearts!

The boys wanted to go to Lego Land in Grapevine.  We went on Saturday and it was pretty cool!  Everything was made out of Legos!  Connor hasn't really hit the Lego stage yet...but I still think he had a good time!  If you are ever considering going I would suggest you buy your tickets online and get there EARLY! 

Kristin & I with the kiddos at Lego Land
2 kids actually looking at the camera= Great!
 Connor found a Woody made out of Legos
 Abby in front of the wall of Legos
 Sweet Brayden

 Skylar & Connor
 Connor LOVES motorcycles
 Waiting in line....
 The professor showing us how Legos are made

 Waiting in line for the Lego land ride

 It's the whole city of Dallas in LEGOS!

 Cowboys stadium
 A rodeo

 The guys in front of the Princess Palace :-)

 The cafe
 Connor & Daddy
 Connor and Mommy

We had a great time :-)

More on our weekend soon....

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I swear you are never too old for Legos!

Cheryl Enlow said...

How fun!! I wanna take C. There is in one in Orlando that I have been thinking of going to.

Tristan said...

wow! that looks amazing and fun!! love the princess castle!