July 27, 2012

How I Display Photos

Today on Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life" series:


I love pictures, in fact I am a little obsessed with taking pictures.  If you ask me, the best investment you can make is a good camera!  You'll look back years from now and cherish all the photos and memories of life.

This is the wall of photos in our living room.

This was an easy project.  We purchased a pre-made photo wall template (including frames) from Michael's craft store with a coupon.  We had all the photos printed in black and white.  I think it may be time to update a few though ;-)
 I posted about this art from Paris HERE

I just love these watercolors.  They all represent a place we visited while in Paris.

Connor's room:

 Info on the airplane pictures from Etsy is HERE

This is probably my FAVORITE piece of art in our house.  It's an artist we saw on our honeymoon years ago.  He's in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  Terence and I saw his art and love it, but didn't purchase anything.  Then later that year for Christmas his parents surprised us with this smoke drawing and it was so sweet!

The artist blows smoke through a tiny pipe onto paper and creates these amazing landscapes.  It's just smoke and paper!  Amazing! 

I tried to see if he was still doing artwork, and unfortunately because of health related issues he's no longer doing his smoke art. 
Pictures in the kitchen:

My favorite place to buy frames is TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, or Marshall's
Pinterest art on the kitchen counter :-)
I love this bridge painting above our fireplace.
It was purchased at Aaron Brothers.
Another favorite piece is this abstract boat painting....it's in our master bedroom!  I got it for Terence after he got back from Iraq because I remembered how much he loved it!
My NEXT project is getting this portrait of Connor framed.

We had this drawn while in Paris earlier this year and I just adore it!

It's sitting in the closet right now just waiting to be hung.....
Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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Ron said...

Visting from Kelly's Korner blog. I love picture groupings. Check out Uptown Acorn too! Best,

Sara said...

Love your watercolors in the living room

Linds said...

that painting of Connor is fabulous! Can't wait to see how you frame it!

The Sweetest Thing said...

Oh my stars! You've just inspired me!!!

Healthy Branscoms said...

Love the airplanes! Love your blog! :) I became your newest follower! Erin