July 30, 2012

A DFW Blog Meetup + Our Weekend

Friday night I had the pleasure of meeting so many fabulous bloggers in the DFW area!  They were ALL so sweet and I can't wait until we all get back together again. 

Here we are....gulp.  I don't know why I was making that face or if I was talking about something...but ya know...I totally photo bombed this photo!
 Our fab desserts
I got a s'more and it was delish!
Thanks to Meagan for taking these great pictures!

If you live in the DFW area & would like to take part in meet-up events go HERE or HERE

Some more sweet gals!
You all are just precious!

This weekend we ate dinner at my in-laws house with all the cousins.  Connor LOVES getting together with all his cousins.  It's so hot outside, but the kids love playing outside.  I am SO ready for fall!!!!
Sweet niece Ellie
I don't think there is a passenger seat in this car???
My angel
Connor swinging with cousin Benjamin. 
We also got him The Polar Express to watch and he LOVES that movie...but since I've seen it 5 times this weekend I think I am going to hide it until Christmas! Eeeeeek! 

Love the weekends with my family....they are my heart.
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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That meetup looks like SO MUCH FUN. I need to do another get together soon,

Jennifer Salter said...

awwwww I'm so jealous! I know some of those faces! I hope I can make the next one! :)

Rhoda said...

I need to take part of a meet-up! I couldn't make it to this one...out of town. Glad to find your blog!

Stefanie Brown said...

What fun!! I'd love to pop in sometime:)) Do you all meet regularly?

Also, have you heard about Mamas Write? It's a one-day blogging conference for Christian mom bloggers in the DFW area. It's going to be awesome!! Here is the web-site for you to check out: