June 26, 2012

Why I Blog???

Today is a bunch of random stuff that has been on my mind....

I've been thinking about WHY I blog.  I do blog for me...but then I have to think that yes, other people read this too.  People I don't even know.  I have to be mindful of that.  Then I question myself and what I write constantly.  Am I writing and representing the image I want to??? 

The answer to that is no.  No, I don't think that a lot of what I put out here on the world wide web is necessarily the best representation of what I should be posting.  I forget that more people read than just me and my family now and I need to be respectful of that.  I write what I feel and what I believe.  I am a sinner and I make mistakes.  I can only hope that most of what I put out here is respectful and mindful of that.

I want to have the memories.  I LOVE having these memories.  I LOVE taking photos.  I often think....it will be so nice for Connor to have this blog to look back on some day.  I wish I had something like this to read when I was growing up.  Is everything I post something I would want my SON to read one day?  No.  I do what him to read this as well.....also keeping that in mind.  I hope he does and I want to be proud of what I put on my blog.

I also know not everything is "personal".  I do reviews & have ads on this blog.  Now, don't get me wrong, the extra money (while it's not of any significant amount) is nice and a little incentive to blog!  Thanks to BlogHer for creating a fabulous network for women and a way to monetize and make a little extra cushion money.  They are great folks and I really appreciate all BlogHer as done for me :-)  I dream that someday I'll be able to go to one of their fabulous conferences.

I don't want this blog to be a page full of advertisements either.  I keep that in mind.  While I do receive sponsors and have advertisers. That is by choice and I do enjoy that aspect. I understand the choice to monetize your blog is personal for everyone & I think if you are comfortable with that then go for it!  Everyone likes a little extra moolah!  So I say why not? 

So many doors have opened for me through blogging.  I've met so many people I would have never known if it weren't for blogging.  I am grateful for all of this and consider it a blessing. 

Truly in my heart...all of this mish mash we call life that we choose to share with others is a blessing.  In this day and age where reality TV is so prominent I think blogging sort of feeds into that realm.  It's a way to peek into other people's lives (if they choose to share it with you) and feel connected in some way or another.  Blogging takes away the awkwardness.  You can share things easier than if you were standing right in front of that person.  You can just read and connect.  If you choose to comment that is your choice.  It's something I need to get better at! 

Well, those are just some thoughts I've had lately.  Lord knows my thoughts always come out jumbled.  I have so many grammar errors it's scary!  ha ha!  But I'm so blessed to know you all and thanks for reading about our life.  I truly enjoy reading about yours as well!

xoxo Becky

PS:  Sorry about all the blog layout disaster drama yesterday.  I lost of bunch of stuff and I don't know how to get it back.....but it's not the end of the world.  I'll evolve and start over again :-) 

I made these 4th of July cupcake toppers if ya'll want to print them just click on the picture to make it bigger then PRINT.

Look how this kid watches TV.....silly boy!

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Heather B. said...

Sorry I couldn't help you more yesterday! I just didn't want to do too much & you hate it! As for your Starbucks wall, I'm sure you could get new pics for it in no time!!! And thanks for your honesty in this post! We all have different reasons for blogging & it's nice to see your perspective!

Tristan said...

I love your blog :)

Town and Country Mom said...

Love this post! You nailed it!

Melissa said...

I have read your blog before and I'm stopping by from the blog challenge as a new follower. Your little one is too cute! Plus, I'm a twin and everyone know Twins Rock!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I think you hit a whole bunch of nails right on the head! I always tell people the same thing: I want the memories and I want to make friends. Cheers to blogging and meeting fabulous people like you, lady!

Kenj said...

So sorry about the blog mashup. It'll look even better the next time around.

Allyson Butler said...

I seriously love this post! aaaand that tv watching picture is hilarious!

Nicole said...

I've followed your blog for a few years now. Commented here and there. I've enjoyed watching your little one grow. I'm not sure we've connected here or on twitter (ObxNicole) but I've enjoyed reading your blog.