June 21, 2012

Summer Fun Activities

With summer here we are trying to have some fun on the weekends!
Terence I both work our butts off during the week so we live for the weekends and time with Connor boy.
We took him to see Madagascar 3 last weekend (his first movie) and he loved it!
We got him a kid's pack at the movie theater and I just about stroked out at the counter... $11 for a popcorn, drink, and some gummy candy???? WTF??? (What the FREAK?)
We had a good time and it was worth all $11 bucks in sugar and butter.

 We also received our Citrus Lane box for June.  I can't tell you how much I LOVE this program!

This month's theme was an art kit.  Citrus lane kicks butt in finding new products and they are good quality things too!
1)  We put together an armadillo
2)  A $35 credit to http://www.minted.com/
3)  A kids sing-a-long CD
4)  BabyGanics Stain Eraser on the go
5)  Eco-kids vegetable based play dough
6)  Eco-kids vegetable based finger paint (mix with water)
 And....GULP.  We got a pair of maracas.  OMG.  Connor loves those suckers. 

His shorts are so cute...we got those from Wittlebee.  Another monthly box service!  We get a box full of clothes for Connor right to our doorstep.  I've been pleased with everything we've gotten and we get compliments on the outfits all the time.  These shorts are perfect for the 4th of July too! 


 And in other random summer stuff:

Aren't these the cutest candles you have ever seen?  I'm saving them for later....

An airplane, motorcycle, cars, and boat!
 Connor got yet another cutie pie 4th of July shirt....my BFF Kristin made him this:
Isn't in the cutest???
(Boy & Girl options available)

You can visit her shop HERE

Also-If you entered the contest yesterday, I know it posted TWICE.  Comment on either post and you will still be entered to win!

And if you are looking for more summer fun activities check this site out.... HERE

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Tristan said...

Girl..you need to pack a big purse and shove in your own snacks..lol. i do!!! I let T-A pick one treat outta the glass case and the rest is shoved in my bag!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love how weekends are family time!!

LWLH said...

Movie concessions are ridic, I always just smuggle candy and drinks into my purse.