June 4, 2012


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Terence I both got eye appointments on Saturday.  OMG it is so much fun to try on eyeglasses!

We got to the shopping center and I was going to walk around while T got his eyes done....and wouldn't ya know it we left the house without the stroller.  So here I am chasing a 2 year old through an outdoor shopping center and the Starbucks I desperately needed was only a mile across the entire complex! 
When we finally got there I was dripping with sweat from chasing Connor down and trying to make sure he didn't get run over by cars.  I was in the middle of ordering my coffee when "ring" "ring" my phone rang and T was ready for us to head back and help him pick out some rims.
So we hightailed it back and then it was my turn.  And Terence and Connor drove to get him a coffee in the car while I got my eyes done.  What a thought....driving???  Geesh.  I am a loser.
Well, these are some I liked.  I wanted to get something "out of the box"

My Mom said they looked like BCG's that my Dad had while in the military.  The more I thought about it she was probably right.  So I'm glad I didn't commit to these.

I also tried these on....I think they were a little big for my face???
BUT-I did love these Tiffany sunglasses.  Tre Chic right?

I walked out without glasses in hand.....
Terence got these glasses.  I think they look really nice on him and this is reaching for this dude.  He's so hard to get to try new styles.  What do ya'll think?
We also tried a new hot dog joint in our neighborhood called "Bite the Weenie"
OMG look at these taters on a stick....they were so good!
My Chicago style dog
I'm also in love with these green and yellow earrings I got at a new store in Fort Worth called "Maven"

They have the cutest clothes and accessories at really affordable prices!
Connor boy's haircut
The curls are still there, but the fro is under control!
One of my co-workers and I went to an estate sale on Friday after work.  I found this large brass platter for $5.  It's really heavy.  I'm trying to decide what to do with it???  Paint it?  What color?


How was your weekend?


Samantha George-Realtor said...

Paint it a super bright color! I'm loving yellow right now :) Yard sales, estate sales, auctions... love them all!

Lindsay said...

I did chalkboard paint on an old platter of mine! Display on an easel...write fun things like "Happy Birthday" or "Welcome Baby" or whatever your party is for...and just "welcome to the Kellys" for every day! :)

Shelly said...

I had to laugh at your mom saying they looked like BCGs.

I love going to get new glasses but I always end up on the safe side. I cannot wait to see what you finally choose.

Jessica Renee said...

Shopping for glasses is super fun! I love all the ones you tried!

That platter is awesome! I would paint it a bright turquoise or a shiny black!

Tristan said...

connor looks so big!!! he looks adorable!
love your earrings!!

Cheryl Enlow said...

I think both pair of glasses look nice on you. And T's glasses do look very handsome on him as well. Looks like you had a fun weekend, now I must get my hands on some of those potatoes on a stick...yum!

LWLH said...

Looks like a fun weekend.
I need to get new glasses in the worst way.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I really like the first pair of glasses - they're cute!