May 28, 2012


If only we could all be this relaxed eh?
Oh the joys and peacefulness of childhood.  Having your every need tended to and even having someone to wipe your own hiney!  And then you grow up.....

Well, most of you know by now that I suffer a lot from anxiety

There are some things I do to try to relax and it helps tremendously:

1.  Take deep simple but just controlling your breathing helps!

2.  Massage.  Oh Lordy if I could have a massage every day I would!  I beg Terence to give me one all the time because I sit at a desk all day and Lord knows that doesn't do a thing for my posture.  I got an iNeed from Brookstone a few years ago and keep it at my desk at work.  LOVE IT.

3.  Get lots of SLEEP.  It's so important that you get sleep. Make time for it.

4.  Let things go.  I stress about the smallest things.  It's stupid stuff like taking the trash out or if a cabinet door is open I have to close it.  Just try to let things go.  Your nails don't always have to look perfect and your hair doesn't either.  Those close to you will love you anyway ;)

5.  Diet and exercise also play a tremendous role in your mental and physical health.  I'm not doing so hot on these lately.  I go in and out in phases.  Lose weight, then gain it back.  But I do notice when I am making a conscience effort to eat right and exercise I do feel better.  (And a little chocolate cake doesn't hurt every now and then ;)

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LWLH said...

Ahhh to be able to just chill like that :)

Kelli Herrington said...

Im a new follower and I am loving your blog.