April 11, 2012

Whatcha Up to Wednesday + Cool Finds

Hi Friends!

I hope your week is going well.  I've been busy with work and home stuff.  It's all I can do some days to get the dishwasher unloaded and loaded again after a long day at work.  Thank God I have a wonderful job with great people...and friends.  It makes life a lot easier.  I've worked at jobs I've hated before and it can make life miserable....so I'm happy I'm in a place I love :-)

Among other things Terence and I are thinking of making some improvements to our house.  Like installing outdoor landscape lighting.  If you have it would you mind telling me if you think it was worth the cost and effort? 
We are also thinking of having our home painted with some COLOR.  If you've seen pictures of our house everything in it is builder beige.  Does anyone know someone that does color consultations? 

AND-I'm also thinking of doing a MAJOR blog revamp.....changing it all up.  Name and everything.

We shall see.....

Thanks for all your Instagram love and names :-) woohoo!

Okay now to fun finds of the week:
Behold my mess of scarves from the closet

I found this scarf organizer at Container Store for $5 bucks
Much better...You pull them through the loops and they don't get tangled!  Cool eh?
These are pics are from a few weekends before Easter we went out for Mexican food with our buds Adam and Christa.  They spoil our child to pieces and we love them :-)
These are some Texas sized nachos:
They also gave our child a HUGE chocolate egg with a duck inside.  Thanks Auntie Christa and Uncle Adam!  I had a sugar high all week and I now love you forever!

Another thing I am loving right now are Macbeth Collections notepads.  They are so fun and colorful.  I'm a bit obsessed with them and you can find them all HERE
Have a great hump day lovelies...I need coffee....

I am going to revamp the Starbucks wall as well.  I am thinking of doing a feature on each person on the Starbucks wall every week.  So if you want to be included just email me your mug with a cup o crack!
email: beckylbranch@gmail.com

xoxo Becky

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

I'm loving the scarf hanger!! I need one really bad!

Kimberly Blankenstein said...

The scarf organizer is awesome! I need to buy one of those sometime :-)

LWLH said...

Lots of changes. Can't wait to hear more about it, especially the blog one.

That scarf hanger is awesome...I wish I invented stuff like that.

Shannon said...

Lovin' the scarf hanger. I'm in need of one..stat! I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I just love reading your blog. You seem like such a fun, bubbly person!

Random, but, curious minds want to know :)..did Kelly's suyl-singles work for your hubby's friend?

Heather Fox said...

I am not a huge scarf person, but holy cow that is genius! And Java Mama...I like it, and it fits! Good thinking!