April 22, 2012

Kim's Lovely Party

This weekend I got to see one of my FAVORITE blog friends....who is now a real life friend...KIM!

I love her so much and she is so genuinely nice and has the sweetest heart :-)

Kim invited me to her sister's house in Dallas for a Scentsy and Stella & Dot party she was having.  I got me some pretties and I had such a good time!  Her sister's house looked like something straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine.  So cute!
 Kim & her sisters
 Kim & Connor
Next time hopefully we'll get to play with James & Tyler! Yay!
 Connor really took up with the doggy :-)

 Display table....set up so pretty!

If you want to order anything you see here just go to Kim's Blog and you'll find info there.

Thank you Kim for having us and it was so so so good to see you again! Love ya!

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erin. said...

Looked like a great time! Loved all the pictures!

Tristan said...

the maternity shoot..so good!!

and your hair is just amazing!!
yay for scentsy!! i have never heard of stella dot?!

Kim H. said...

Tell Tristan to contact me! I'd love to share Scentsy and Stella & Dot with her! :-)

It was so great to see you - I wish we could get together all the time! We could surely wear 3 boys out together and have a good time doing that!