April 30, 2012

Baby Shower for Julie

This weekend I threw a baby shower for my good friend and co-worker Julie.  It thrilled my heart to be able to do this for her!  I'm so excited for baby Allie to be here!  Ever since I moved to Fort Worth almost 5 years ago Julie and I have worked together.  She has always been so good to me and I'm so blessed to have her as a friend!

It was the first shower I've ever thrown solo.  So I was nervous that everything would turn out okay....but I was also super excited for some PINK :-)  Yay!

So here are Julie's shower pictures....
Free printable sign from Pinterest & onesies are from Sugar & Spice Kids Boutique
Tissue paper pom poms....one of my favorite decorations of all time!
Pink lemonade and pink punch

One of the maternity photos we took :-)

Cupcakes from Central Market

Pinwheels are such a fun decoration!

Shirley & her daughter Rebecca

Love you Julie and sooooo happy for you!
May the Lord bless baby Allie and be with you as a new Mom! 
You will do great!

xoxo Becky

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Tristan said...

you did a fabulous job..everything looks so pretty!!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh - can you please come throw a party for me? Everything looks so wonderful. LOVE the pinwheels! Totally stealing that idea. ;-)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

It all looks fantastic, Becky!! Great job! So fun, and cute, and pretty! :)

Lauren said...

SO super cute!!!!!!!! :)

Meagan said...

So cute! I love all your decorations. The little signs are super cute! What a sweet thing to do for a friend! :)

Melissa said...

You did an amazing job! The decorations are so cute!

Our Little Corner said...

Everything looks gorgeous! You did a wonderful job! Congrats to Julie!!

LWLH said...

You did a wonderful job girl, everything looks beautiful and I'm loving all the pink :)

Cheryl Enlow said...

Super cute pink party! I bet you were glad to finally decorate with pink. Great job girl!

Debbie said...

you did an awesome job!!! love all the details you put into everything. :)