March 12, 2012

Paris: Part One

Tuesday morning we took the chunnel from England to Paris.  We met up with Terence's other cousin Katy!  She speaks pretty fluent french, that's why she's over there right now!  Teaching French folks English :-)  And she's pretty darn good at it too!

She and her hubby Michael are still newlyweds.  They graciously let us crash at their place for a few days.  Thank you guys so much we had so much fun and hopefully we can come back and visit!!!

(Michael in the back photo bombing our picture ;)
The River - Katy and Michael live on the other side there....

A Paris Starbucks

We threw our bags down at their house then we left to get a bite to eat.  We had sandwiches and  pastries, along with the first of many cafe creme.
COFFEE!  I think the French drink more coffee than me!
Terence and I in front of Notre Dame

Notre Dame was just beautiful!
FYI- There were no hunchbacks anywhere in sight....

 We also went to the grocery store (Monoprix?) where I found my LOVE=Kinder eggs!!!

I have already eaten all my eggs :-(  I would give my right arm for another Kinder egg right now!

 More to come tomorrow.....

"Ooh La La"

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Classy Fab Sarah said...

What an amazing trip!! Love seeing all your pictures.

Emily said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Love! :) My favorite is the last one!

LWLH said...

Gorgeous pics,love the last one :)