March 9, 2012

England: Part Three


Here are the last pictures of England.  I have to say England was a very nice place, it was a lot easier there because there was no language barrier.  Everything looks old and historical, a lot older than anything we have here in the US.  I kept thinking Harry Potter or something....I don't know why?  But it did sort of remind me of the setting of Harry Potter is some spots! Ha ha!

Someone commented on travel suggestions and traveling on a budget.  BTW- Thank you all for your sweet comments on all the photos and our travel adventures!  I have the best blog friends and I feel like I "know" you all....does that make me sound crazy? 

Well, I don't really have many suggestions.  We did our trip on a tight budget.  Our airfare was free because we used miles and we pay our bills that way.  We never carry a balance over.  We had free places to stay in England and Paris because Terence has cousins that live in both places right now.  We were very fortunate in that regard.  So all we really paid for on this trip was food and spending money. 

It was go go go from the time we landed.  We tried to fit in as much as possible in a short about of time.  I would suggest getting public transportation tickets for the entire week and buying in advance because it's cheaper and will save you money.  You can ride the bus or train and it's much cheaper than taking a taxi. 

Also- Don't eat meals by major tourist areas and landmarks.  The food is higher because they know it's where tourists are and they get hungry.  Find places to eat off the grid and enjoy!

Okay now for part three of our adventures :-)

Standing guard

Tower Bridge
Tower of London
 Henry the 8th's armour
 Me and a nice guard :-)

 Now that is a cross bow!
 This is where they brought all the prisoners in by boat from the river....

 Off with your head!
We then headed to Brighton.  This was probably my favorite place to visit.  It's right by the shore and it was such a cute little town.  It's also where Adelle just bought a new home...but she was nowhere in sight.  Waaaahhh!
This home was built for entertainment purposes and the royals would come here on the weekends and party.  It was very oriental inside with lots of dragons.
At Brighton Pier
 Cupcake place we visited

 Sweet Ethan
 The dining room in the palace
 Entry way
 The kitchen
(Terence listening to his audio guide!)
 On the pier!

 Loved this store front with all the vintage sewing machines
 Terence and his cousin 

We had a blast England thanks for a good time Adrianne, Graham, & Ethan we hope to come back soon!

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Ashlee said...

Harry Potter is from England, his Aunt and Uncle live just outside of London. He had to travel to London (King's Cross Station) in order to take the train to Hogwarts, so you weren't off in being reminded of him there :)

Looking forward to Paris!

LWLH said...

Again your pictures are gorgeous, love love love!!

Tristan said...

i am seriously soooo thrilled to see these pics..yay!!!

Kimberley said...

you have a great camera! those are some awesome crisp pictures!! great job capturing england! now i wanna go!! :)

Tina @ Girl Meets Globe said...

We're headed back to London in just 2 weeks. We've done London several times and were considering a trip to the coast. Brighton was one of our possibilities, so I am so glad to see your pictures!! Do you remember the name of that cupcake place? That looks awesome! Love the pier! My kids would love that!

Vic at Blossom and Snowflakes said...

Hi there, just stumbled across your blog from Kelly's Korner. Glad you had a great trip in my home city! And you had good weather too:)