February 6, 2012

Super Bowl 2012

Last night my friend Kindra and her fiance Clint came over to watch the Super Bowl.  Kindra and I are always trying to get our guys to do stuff :P  We also work together, but don't get much time to have fun and chit chat at work so it's nice to get together on the weekends and hang out :-)

So here is our Super Bowl re-cap:
We decided to make dips for our little get together.  Kindra made dill dip.  I made some cheese/bean dip and a red velvet cheese ball.  OMG the red velvet cheese ball was so good and SO easy to make! 

Recipe is HERE
I thought there were a few good commercials.  I liked the car commercial with the hot woman in it and the nerdy guy. It was some foreign car commercial???  I also thought Madonna did pretty good.  I mean she's in her 50's people....I can't even move like that!  I don't really care for her, but whatever.

We also played around with my wide angle lens yesterday....it makes you look silly!!! LOL!

I love this kid with all my heart.  I can't believe in less than a month he'll be two!  Wahhhhhh!!!!

It's back to work today and my eyeballs are about to fall out from staring at the computer....I'm going to have to start wearing my glasses more. 

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J said...

Oh my, that red velvet cheese ball looks soooo good!! And Connor is just too adorable!!

Lil' Woman said...

I want to shove my face into that red velvet cheese ball....nom nom nom!

Anonymous said...

Fun! That red velvet cheese ball looks delicious!

Lisa said...

what kind of wide angel lens did you get? I've been searching for one for a while and still can't decide on one.