February 13, 2012

Pre-Valentine Weekend

Well, either Terence reads my blog or he knew exactly what I wanted.....
I got my Godiva EXTRA dark truffles (they may be gone now...whoops!)
A copy of Breaking Dawn on Blue Ray :-)
Thank you baby I love you!!!
These are Connor's 2012 Valentines Day cards...I'm hopefully going to get them in the mail today.  FAIL.
I'm so behind these days.....They are from Tiny Prints & they always do a great job!
We met up with my good friend Karen and her two kiddos at the mall on Saturday.  It was so good to see her because we don't get together often enough.  With all our kiddos now it's hard to wrangle everyone!  But she understands my crazy self and I love her :-)

We'll have to get together again before the kids hit highschool Karen <3

(I should have got a pic of you for my Starbucks wall...she had a Starbucks in hand when she got to the mall! ha ha!)
 I found these cute little Valentine's day items:

  • This doggy for Connor from JellyCat.  It's SOOOOOO soft!
  • Kinder chocolate=Heaven
  • I love these napkins with the banners on them.  I will probably use them for Connor's party
Hope ya'll had a great weekend too!!!
It's pretty cold here today so we are all bundled up and I wish I was in bed under the covers.....
Alas I am not and I'm sitting here at work sipping my coffee!
Another day of life....enjoy it and make the most of it :-)
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Aishlea and Brandon said...

Perfect Valentine's gifts- chocolate and Edward, I mean Breaking Dawn! ;)

Kendra said...

I am not a chocolate or Twilight fan, but I am happy for you. I have never heard of kinder chocolate..whats inside of it?

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Terrance did good!! :)

And I love C's Valentines Day cards - how cute!

Brandy said...

Chocolate and Breaking Dawn were my gifts too! Perfect for Happy Hearts Day. Gotta love it.

Megan said...

Ummm I hope to get some chocolate too :) Love the valentines, too cute!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm trying to get the hubs to watch Breaking Dawn with me but it's a no go so far. :)