February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!


I made these naughties last night:

All you need are square pretzels, Hugs kisses, and M&Ms

Heat your oven to 200 degrees and melt for 2-3 minutes

Top with an M&M
 Opening Valentines cards from Nana & Poppy

Can you see my card on the end?  My Mom & Dad know me well :-)
Connor kissing Elmo....ha ha!!!
Hope you all have a great Valentines day!
We are planning a low key night at home and I am going to make my boys dinner.  I still haven't watched Smash from last night either.  We had a rough morning.  Everyone has been stopped up and Connor threw up a few times on my carpet....it's always on the carpet.  Sigh......
Anyone have a go to carpet cleaning recipe for milk on carpet???
I hope you all have a great LOVE day and tell those near and dear how much you care about them <3
xoxo Becky
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Erin said...

LOOOOVE your chevron shirt, girl!!

Jessica Renee said...

I'm loving your shirt too, SO pretty!!! Happy Valentine's Day to y'all <3

The Sweetest Thing said...

Oh girl, guess what I recieved in the mail this morning... that same chevron (Everly) dress. I think I stole it from your what I like Wednesday blog. I screen shotted a photo of it to my fiance and he ordered it for me for valentines day -you look SO cute in it- I cant wait to wear it now!

Melissa said...

Cute shirt! I've been wanting to make those pretzels. Yum!

Todd and Courtney said...

Try hydrogen peroxide on the carpet. My whole family got super super sick one Christmas and the carpet at my parents house was nasty. We poured hydrogen peroxide on the carpet and scrubbed and scrubbed. It's clean now :)

Tristan said...

love your shirt!

poor baby..gosh he throws up a lot..ahhhh..i would lose my mind!

t-a has only thrown up maybe once as a toddler..she always has it out the other end..blah.

hope you had a good day!!!!!

Nicolle said...

Your pretzel candies turned out prettier than mine. I made them last fall and my hershey's hugs melted too much and looked awful. :)

I've always heard a mixture of vinegar and water is the best carpet cleaner, but you'd have to google it to find the specifics. I've never actually done it.

Love Connor's curls. My baby's curls are pretty much gone. :(