January 19, 2012

Naaa-sty! NOT. Juicing Advice

So as I mentioned in previous posts we've started juicing.

We've gotten most of our recipes from HERE

We chose the Omega juicer for various reasons.  I'm SO happy we chose this juicer.  It works wonderfully and we've been nothing but amazed at how great it works.  The pulp is almost completely dry, which means our fruits and veggies have been squeezed to the max!  If you are looking to start juicing I would highly recommend it :-)

My lil guy before our hike last night

Ignore all the food on his shirt

Okay here I'm trying the green juice: kale, apples, pineapple, carrots

It was actually pretty good!  I don't like a lot of pulp, and this drink was really smooth.
You can see how much fruit and veggies are extracted on the left hand side of the juicer....crazy huh?
And we had this BEET-u-TIFUL drink last night

Red drink: spinach, carrots, pear, apples, & beets
(This one had a little more pulp because of the spinach)

I'm glad we started this.  At least I know I am getting the most from my fruits and veggies and it's probably the healthiest thing I put in my body all day.  The juice is not NEAR as bad as I expected and trust me....I have a high gag reflex.  It in fact is not NASTY at all!!!

Do any of you juice???


Amber Maddux said...

I don't juice but I started smoothies just last night & the one this morning was A-mazing.

amy (metz) walker said...

We do and it's not near as bad as people imagine it might be...although we've had a few that'll make you shiver at just the thought of them! You're right tho, it's a good feeling to know you're getting super healthy nutrients!

Cheryl E. said...

Ok I must admit it looks pretty gross (to a non-juicer) but I am sure it is packed with a ton of good stuff for ya. Good luck with it.

Linds said...

Aside from the small amount of apple juice I use in my green smoothies, they are a whole fruit. Probably as close as you can get without a juicer :-)

Lil' Woman said...

I need to try this whole juicing thing, though I'm not so sure about the beets.