December 17, 2011

Twas the weekend before Christmas..

We had absolutely nothing to do this morning....shocker!  My Christmas shopping is pretty much done.  We headed to Southlake just to walk around and take in the festivities.  Didn't buy a thing!
We saw this pretty Christmas tree......
I'm counting down the days until we get to go home to AR next week :-)

Terence surprised me at work with a new phone. 
It's a Google Galaxy and I LOVE IT!
We stopped for coffee and Dunkin Donut holes

Connor loves to pretend like he's driving.  He's so fun right now, fit throwing and all you gotta love this age!  He's my sweet angel boy and I never want him to grow up....just cherishing every second!
Enjoying those donuts

He's finally taking a nap today. 

Connor has not been wanting to take naps at all lately.  It's been a fit throwing tantrum every single time....hopefully this is just a phase.  He does get spanked over and over and still won't lay down???
I found him in the tub today with all his clothes on WITH the water is a fun age right? Sometimes you just have to step back and laugh.
Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Tristan said...

i need a new phone..ah. age..but the whole "hey mine" coing outta t-a's mouthis crazy business!~
good thing they are adorable,right?!

Miranda said...

My son is also in the NON NAP TAKING phase! Whew! He also gets spanked, but it doesn't phase him! Today after he FINALLY went to sleep I went in to check on him, and he was butt naked in his bed - covered up - and fast asleep. I couldn't help but laugh.. all that frustration suddenly went away..LoL :-)

Boys are something else.. but you seriously gotta love them!! :-)

Lil' Woman said...

He's too freaking cute though I could see the wild side of him : ) lol

Linds said...

um, yeah we've been there, done that with the naps (and we're now there with the early morning waking). Strong willed child syndrome? That's what I blame it on :)