November 1, 2011

Trick Or Treat

Connor's first trick or treat was a success!  It was the perfect weather for a stroll around the block.  We just went to a few houses down the street.  He quickly got the hang of things and enjoyed getting all that candy!
 Getting ready to go trick or treating for the first time!
We came back home and he helped me pass out candy too.  We had a few fits because he didn't understand why I was giving all the other kids candy except for him???


 This house was crazy!

 Trying to shuffle in to get some have to fight for it!
 And back home we go.....
We had a great time and it was so much fun watching how much FUN Connor was having :)

Hope you all had a great Halloween!!!


Cheryl E. said...

How cute! Happy Halloween Connor.

Heather B. said...

He is SO cute!!!! Glad he had a great 1st trick or treating experience!!!!

Mrs. Monologues said...

I would cry too if someone gave away my candy.

He is cute as a button, and even cuter with a cape!

Lauren said...

Soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

SoNotIram said...

awww Connor's such a cutie! :)


Tristan said...

adorable..looks like he had a good time!

sara said...

You all look like you had a great time. Your son looks so cute.

Lil' Woman said...

He looks so cute, glad you had fun! :)