October 9, 2011

Wedding Day Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated the wedding of Aunt Loyce and Garry.  Loyce is Terence's Aunt and she's been such a blessing in our lives.  It was such a joyous occasion and we are so happy for Loyce and Garry and pray that God will bless their marriage for many years! 
I had the honor of taking their wedding photos.  I always get nervous when doing this because it's such an important day in people's lives.  I want everything to look perfect.  Let me just say this had to be one of the hardest events I've taken photos at!  Everything was red and orange....and in photographer lingo that is "not good lighting"....ha ha!!!  Well, regardless the wedding was beautiful and I hope the photos did the day justice.  We love you both dearly and wish you all the best!
The happy couple
Connor was supposed to be a ring bearer.....BUT a few minutes before walking down the isle he had a nuclear meltdown....ugh....what do you do??? 
Cupcakes :-)
The Fam
Cake Balls
The lovely bride & groom


Lil' Woman said...

What a lovely ceremony! :)
Congrats to your fam!

{K} said...

Congrats to them!!

What a nice ceremony!

Melody said...

Your little kid Connor is so photogenic! He doesn't take a bad pic. And I really want to grab one of those cupcakes and dive in. Looks like it was a fabulous time for all. Congrats on the big wedding event!