October 2, 2011

Meeting Kim & The Boys

(Someone got the purple memo?)

This weekend I finally got to meet one of my favorite blogger friends of all time....Kim.  We've been friends for the past few years.  In the early days both of us longing for babies and now we have 3 boys between us!  Kim adopted a baby boy and then found out she was pregnant around the same time and now has TWO handsome fellers!  Her story is amazing and she's just as wonderful and sweet in person as I imagined :-)

I have been dying to see them forever and I'm so happy we got to visit and spend some time together....now if she will only move to the DFW area so we can make these play dates a permanent thing??? *hint* *hint*

We met at the mall in Arlington and the kids played as we tried to wrangle them.  That place was crazy on a Saturday yo...

Here is sweet (almost 1 year old) Tyler :
 And here is what happens when you try to take a picture of all three boys :

 And James :
 We also rode the carousel :
"Giddee Up Horsey!!!"

Kim- It was a joy meeting you all and I hope we can get together again soon!!!

xoxo Becky

Oh and I am late...

Winner of the monogram pumpkin shirt is :


Kim H. said...

Loved meeting you so much! I wish we did live close... I'd totally keep Connor for you and have play dates all the time! If you guys ever want to plan a trip to Memphis... you're more than welcome to hang out with us!

Lauren said...

It is so fun meeting blog/twitter friends!!!!! :)

SoNotIram said...

Awww such cuties :)


KLaw said...

So sweet!!! So glad you guys met!

Lil' Woman said...

It's so much fun meeting bloggy friends. :)