October 4, 2011

Having a "THee" Time :-)

Tonight my co-worker and friend Kindra and I attended a blog event at THee.  It's the cutest little shop in Dallas.  They invited a bunch of local bloggers to come look around and have a meet and greet.  We had a fabulous time!

Here are a few photos from the nights events:

Kindra and I wearing a pumpkin hat
We also saw the Beibs
(I don't think he's that tall in real life???)
I was in LOVE with all the paper lanterns adorning the store
Some of my favorite things:

* Owl cutting board
* Mustache straws
* Razorback gear
* Owl tea towels
And did I mention they had hats???  LOTS of them!
Anyone want a wine sippy cup? 
**For ADULTS only**

More Favorites:

* Owl Platter
* I love this chandelier
* Owl Christmas cards
* Big ole harry spider

This alphabet painting is amazing!
Halloween display
Cute Halloween owls
Kindra and I with our fab "swag bags"
Thanks THee for hosting such a fun event and I can't wait to go back soon!

You can also visit them on Facebook HERE


Linds said...

well doesn't that look like fun?!?! I want to have something like that up here!

Tristan said...

SO FUN!!!! that store looks amazing..and you need all that owl stuff!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! There is so much CUTE stuff in that store! I love it! :)

Lauren said...

How fun!!!!!! :)

Shannon Dew said...

This store looks SO fun! I want one here in OH!

Trac~ said...

Looks like a really COOL store! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your goodies! :) xoxoxo

Jenna said...

OK I've seen several of your pics on Pinterest but I didn't realize what they were! This looks like such a fun time! I wish I would have been able to meet up with you in Dallas!

Lil' Woman said...

Can you send this store up north....I love it!