October 10, 2011

Fall Blog Swap - What I Got!

I participated in a fall blog swap a couple weeks ago with Kodi.  My partner was Ashley...I think her blog is private though (sad face)  She got me some awesome goodies....
  • A Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle - It smells so good I want to lick it!
  • A Starbucks gift card
  • And some OPI nail polish called "Espresso your style"
This chick knows me well eh???

You are the best & I can't wait to see if you love your goodies too!

Today I had the day off of work!  Thank you Mr. Columbus Day :-)

So I woke up to this cutie patootie.....
We watched Elmo's World about penguins at least 5 times today.  We've read some books, played, thrown Daddy's XBox games in the trash....oops!  Good thing I found them!  Ha ha!

I love that I got to spend the day with my lil guy since I don't get to very often....I would love to do this every day, but gotta make a buck I guess.  Just cherishing every minute even more so!
We went to Super Target & got groceries.  I found Connor playing in the toilet water & also standing in the shower with all his clothes on........under the running water!  Wardrobe change!

Fun times I tell ya!

He loves loves LOVES to waller in our bed.  He just drowns in all the pillows and bounces all around.  It really is one of his favorite things to do EVER.
 We've had a blast today.  I love you my lil buddy.  You are the bestestest kid ever.
 Oh and here is my espresso nails!!!!
Oooooohhhh!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!
Everyone have a lovely Monday!


Lil' Woman said...

Look mommy/son day...heck I want to jump on your bed now...it looks cozy! :)

{K} said...

Looks like a fun day!! You look really cute and I love the nail color!

Tristan said...

looks like a nice day! wish you could stay home with him everyday!

Allyson said...

Great items! Love the nail polish color!

Cheryl E. said...

Sounds like a very interesting day. The day in the life with a toddler....

Glad you got to spend some extra time with him.

Melissa said...

I want that candle! I love Slatkin candles and haven't tried that one yet!

Kodi said...

Ashley is the best! I want all of that stuff too! :)

Emily said...

Your posts make me smile. :-) Can't decide what I like better...the "lick-able" candle or C showering with his clothes on. Ha!!

BTW, where did you get those adorable boots?! Love them!

Amber said...

OMG that collage of C "wallering" in your bed is beyond amazing! Makes me want to run home and do the same thing :-) I'm really glad you were able to enjoy your day with him. As a working Mama, I am SO looking forward to days like that (haven't had any yet).

Trina said...

We didn't get the day off. Bummer :(

I love that nail polish!