September 14, 2011

Phone Photo Dump - Target

I went to Target on my lunch break today.  In case you haven't heard the Internet froze over yesterday and Targets website was down.  What was the cause of all this?  Missoni.  Who/What is Missoni???  I didn't know until my Twitter friends told's basically a high end fashion designer who makes clothes with a bunch of zig zags on them.  I sort of wish I bought a $25 cardigan only to sell it on Ebay for $100 smackers...that's a nice return eh?

Well, they didn't have much Missoni left.  Like as in zero. 

But I did find this cute turkey hat in the $1 spot.  SCORE! I think this is going to be the most fashionable statement for fall and I can make Connor pee his pants when I chase him around the house in it yelling "Gobble!!! Gobble!!!" hee hee.....
 Saw these in a toy store in Dallas last weekend too....HAWT.
 Oh did I say there was no Missoni left at Target today?

Whelp. There is if you wear a size 3 month - 2T in little girls or you like XS nighties.
 I did find these Dove chocolates.  They are white and milk chocolate swirls.  YUMMY!
We also went to Buy Buy Baby this past weekend and tried out potties for Connor.  He is still a bit young, but he has taken an interest every time we use the bathroom so we decided to let him check some out.  He knows exactly what to do so I think we'll start slowly training him. 

We just can't decide on which potty to get him?  Any suggestions?

The Fisher Price Cheer for Me! potty was pretty cute.  It has a place for toilet paper, a flush, and it cheers for you when you tee tee because it has a sensor in it. 

That is it for now :-)

Happy HUMP day!


Brett Alexandra said...

Your blog is still so fun! Just like I remember it:) I'm back in the blogging world, friend! Connor is getting SOOO big and even more handsome!

Lauren said...

You are so cute!!! :) And I want those flamingo glasses, haha!!! :)

Beth said...

We had that potty, too -- I think my little girl used it all of 2 times. Then she was over the "little" potty and just used the normal one. We had a little insert (I think it was by Baby Bjorn??) that made it so she couldn't fall in, and she just used a step stool so she could get up on the toilet. Anyway, just another idea, so you don't have to deal with cleaning out the little potty!

Chelsi said...

Hahaha, the turkey hat is so funny. I don't get the Target thing either... Not much of one for zig zags anyway! ;) We used the cheer for me potty for my niece and it was cool.... But it is true, she shortly after just used the big potty. We also used the baby bjorn one that is at my other SIL's and Elaina used that boring one just fine too! My nephew is 18 mo & I'm scared to start training him! Ha. Mostly because Elaina was easy and I dont think Nickolai will be so easy! :)

Tristan said...

those clothes are cute..maybe target will have some when i

haha..taht hat is so funny!

and we are just using the seat that sits on the pottyso we can take it everywhere,istead of her having a fear of "big" potties! we got her the sesame st. one and just l ysol wipe it when she is done!
my nephew has the cars one and loves it!

Linds said...

personally, those little potties gross me out because you have to dump it out, and clean it out. YUCK. We just have a little potty seat that sits on top of the big potty seat. Brayden has a stool that he can climb on top of to get to the potty. Ofcourse, I am DRAGGING my feet with potty training, so this is not on a regular basis. I'm thinking he'll be potty trained by the time he goes to college- ha!

Amber Maddux said...

the pattern is called "chevron" for the Missoni line.

Lil' Woman said...

I missed the Missoni craze...though from most that I saw, it's not really my style anyway.

I did like the purple floral prints though.

Erin said...

I dunno what you think of the Missoni stuff but dang it all, I don't like it! Ok it's just not my style. Sheesh!

I can't believe you bought the turkey hat- that CRACKS me up- it's completely ridic. haha so funny

Connor looks so cute trying out potties! I hope you pick out a cool one! :)


Shoshanah said...

I had no idea about the Missoni stuff until people were on twitter talking about how it was sold out. I guess Target didn't quite estimate just how popular it would be.

Shannon said...

Oh I didnt know there was Missoni baby clothes! While I don't like them for me, they'd be SO cute on KP!!!

Cheryl E. said...

Oh my goodness that potty is so cute! I love that it sings to you too. Adorable!

Melissa said...

You crack me up!! I love the turkey hat and the glasses!