September 28, 2011

Make Me Over Stuff I'm Loving...

I received this new product from Benefit Cosmetics a couple weeks ago and I'm LOVING it!  You just glide on cheek & brow bones...then sculpt with its soft glow blender for your perfect gleam. Can be applied solo or over existing makeup. It gives you instant cheek bones and sculpts you face.
It comes in a wand and one side is the solid makeup, the other is the foam applicator for blending.
Another thing I am loving is this powder for your hair called "Powderful" and it's by Got2b.  I got mine at CVS and it was around $6.  It instantly thickens your hair and creates that "poof" on top.  It is also great at controlling those loose strands of hair and works like a hairspray.  You just sprinkle a little on your hair and BADA BING!  It's awesome trust me!
I'll give one of these Powderfuls away to a reader just leave me a comment!  You will love it!
I'll pick a winner on or around Oct. 15th

Look at this stud muffin before church last Sunday!  So cute!

He was up all night last night throwing up...poor baby.  It's that stupid Happy Tot/Happy Baby food we gave him.  EVERY SINGLE TIME we feed it to Connor he throws up horribly :( 
Just a warning....I wouldn't feed this to your child.  I have no idea, but it's just this brand.



It only took 2 weeks to get our passports in so that was not bad at all! 
It's official I am ready to fly!!!!!

Hope ya'll are having a great week!




Aishlea and Brandon said...

What a little cutie! Oh, that hair stuff sounds like what I need!
I have such thin hair.

And YAY!!!!!! So envious of the trip you have planned!!

Courtney said...

I am so excited for your trip!


The Waspy Redhead said...

Have fun in Europe! I went to Paris for two weeks last may, I've always wanted to go to London!

Amber Maddux said...

I need the powderful stuff, Jenne to make over my hair & some Becky lovin'

Ashley said...

Um, totally jealous of your trip! ;)

Kelley said...

My son loves Happy Baby! There has only been one flavor he doesn't like but none of them have made him throw up. What a bummer for Connor.
What a fun/awesome/unforgettable trip to be planning!
Totally need to try that powderful stuff...I cannot get a puff to work for the life of me ;)

Lacy said...

Both products sound awesome..

Connor is so cute.

Andrea said...

Both products sound awesome!

KM said...

I need that hair stuff STAT ;) I have baby fine hair and need all the help I can get! As always, C is too cute! CONGRATS on the trip and how fun!


Seni said...

You are going to LOVE Paris! I have never been to London but that is a place that I would love to visit!!

Kristin said...

Those products sound great!

Tristan said...

i need that!

and your nails are cute..and holy!!

hope C is feeling better!!

Cheryl E. said...

This is really random but my hubs loves the Got2B product. He will not use any other hair gel. Weird.

Ummmm as im reading this im thinking oh great. This is exactly what C had for dinner. Hopefully we dont have a long night ahead of us. Im already 2 glasses of wine in and need my sleep.

Congrats on the trip! I am so jealous and you guys are going to have so much fun!!!!

Lil' Woman said...

I couldn't focus on the products because I was drooling over your nails...they're awesome.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

So many awesome things to focus on in this post!

First off, need the hair powder. Might need the nails too.

And oh my goodness could he be any cuter!

Elle said...

How exciting! My sister went to Paris this year and she LOVED it!

Elle said...
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~Misty said...

What an amazing trip to plan and already have tickets booked for! Paris has been such a big dream of mine and London is at the top for other cities in Europe! You will have a blast, I'm sure.

natalie said...

Could definitley use a make-up "pick me up"...powder would be a great help!

Anonymous said...

Would love to try the hair powder!
I have never been to London or Paris, but I am sure you will have a great time.