September 8, 2011

Have a Bowl?

One of my favorite places for kitchenware is Zak! Designs.  I especially love their confetti line.  Last week I broke my beloved Zak! bowl so I ordered this one:
I love that it's EXTRA large. 
I use it when I bake large batches of something or to put Halloween candy in :-)
I know everyone has heard of Scentsy by now, but I was a little late to jump on that wagon.  I am loving it!  This little pot o' gold makes my whole house smell like fall.
I've had the itch to do some fall baking.  I pulled out a can of pumpkin last night, and unfortunately it expired in July.  I really need to get my spices all organized because it's a complete disaster of bottles and jars.  It's driving me nutso!  HOW DO YOU ORGANIZE YOUR SPICE CABINET???
 I found this cute idea on Pinterest :
These are from Pottery Barn.  Only I would have to sell plasma to afford them....ugh...
Pottery Barn, why must you look so cool, but be so dang expensive?
Speaking of organization.....remember when I gave away this jewelry organizer?  They also sent me this one too!  It's for necklaces and bracelets and it's awesome!  Both of these organizers hang perfectly in my closet and store all my jewelry without tangles or a mess!
I'm also in the middle of a purge in Connor's room.  I'm getting a bunch of things ready for the JBF Sale in a few weeks.  It's amazing how many things a child only uses in the first year of life....then after that it becomes junk! Hee...hee....

Hope ya'll are having a good day!


Tristan said...

um..SCENTSY IS THE BEST!!!!! :) I sent you a scent of the month..hahaha.

and those bowls are so cute!!

Zak Designs said...

Thanks for your support on our confetti bowls! love your blog keep up the good work!

Kelsey said...

We LOVE Zak! here in Oklahoma! Went to Canton this past weekend and bought six plates, my MIL wishes she would have gotten a set of bowls too!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm going to check out those bowls...they're so cute :)

Kindra said...

i love scentsy too! my friend sells it and i just ordered a bunch of fall/holiday stuff!

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

I sell Scentsy! Let me know if I can hook you up! I'm loving the pumpkin marshmallow!!


Amber Maddux said...

my spice cabinet looks exactly like yours - once you come up with a good plan for organization, come on over and I'll let you tackle mine :)

Casey said...

I love Zak! We use their mini bowls at my restaurant for dressings & sauces. I've never seen the confetti... love it!