August 14, 2011

Leapin Lizards!

We attended our friend Paxton's 4th birthday party this weekend at Leapin Lizards.  It was Connor's first time to a jump place and he was in heaven!  I think it wore him out because he didn't wake up until 10:30 this morning....scared me to death because I thought something was wrong!  He was sound asleep and I had to wake him because it was so late. 

Terence and I are trying to lead a more "active" lifestyle.  We are going to start hiking and camping on the weekends so we can spend more family time together.  I'm just not happy with myself right now....none of my pants fit because they are all tight.  I'm tired of coming home from work and just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven.  It was easy to keep the weight off while breastfeeding because I was burning so many calories, but since I quit it's been really hard.  I've put on a LOT of weight & have been really depressed about it.  So I'm excited to start living differently and Connor will be happier too because we'll be spending more QT with him and being active at the same time.  I want to live a long life to see my baby grow good bye love handles....of with your fat selves :P 

Ready to make a change & feel better too!

Thinking about getting a subscription to "Cooking Light" anyone subscribe? What do you think?

Here are a few pics from the birthday party:

 My 17 month old is fearless...he isn't afraid of anything, which in turn scares me...kinda....

There was a "no adult" rule on the bouncies.  Jenne took him down the slide anyways the second time & he loved it!  The first time he climbed by himself and went down alone!  He is so funny!

 Me, Jenne, & Amber
 Connor climbed all the way to the top of this thing by himself

 Paxton had a super hero party :)

 That's the sweet birthday boy in the blue
Thanks for inviting us Jenne & fam we had a great time!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
It finally rained and was super muggy all weekend, but we are so thankful for the rain!


Tristan said...

that looks so fun!!!
he's a little cutie!

Anonymous said...

What a fun party! It looks like Connor had a blast! :)

Emily said...

What fun! I really want to take Asher to a bounce place sometime. I think he'll love it too!!

I have a cookbook from Cooking Light and have liked every recipe we've tried. I was thinking about subscribing as well, just to have more options!

Linds said...

my Brayden is fearless too. It used to scare me, but for the most part now I'm indifferent. And yay for you becoming more active-- whatever you can find to make you happy is good for the soul :)