August 25, 2011

THANK YOU & Hatch Chile Enchiladas

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone for all the responses I had on yesterday's post. I had no idea that so many other people felt that way! I don't consider myself to be the best writer, so a lot of times it's hard for me to let my guard down and write how I feel. I just wanted to be honest. I know I'm not perfect, I am a sinner and my life is so far from perfection you have no idea! I have a great life, but some days I do get frazzled, Terence and I do fight, everything is not always sunshine and rainbows! There is only so much people will let you in on a computer screen.

In the end it's not going to be the "stuff" we have in's going to be the time and special moments we share with those that matter, so with that said, there is no reason to feel jealousy about anyone else. If you feel like something is not going your way, that is okay! It will get better.  Trust.

So...I am going to live my life and this is my blog & I'm taking ownership of that!

Amen & Amen!

I've contemplated doing giveaways from time to time because I have felt judged for it. I don't do them for me....I love to win free stuff on other blogs and I love to give away stuff too! I've always been a big gift giver and it brings me joy to light up someone else's life in some way. I'm not doing it to gain followers or any of that! I'm doing it to spread the love, if it's something I like and enjoy I want to tell all of you too!  If you don't want to enter then you don't have to!  Nobody is forcing ya....

Also-I know I have a "Starbucks donate" button on my sidebar where some of you may be thinking....geesh "So that's how she pays for all the coffee she drinks!" TRUTH - I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE SINGLE DIME!!! It started out as an inside joke with someone to put it there, so I should probably take it down....but it's my blog so who cares! I may just leave it up :P

I am aware I have a horrid coffee habit that is equivalent to a crack head.  But I work hard & it's my treat :P

Enough venting.

Obviously I've been holding a lot in for awhile! And I so enjoy reading about all of your lives, even though I can't comment because of pop up issues I do read and will comment back via twitter or email if you let me! I am not trying to be rude :(
Live your life to the fullest and stop worrying what everyone else around you has or does because in the end it doesn't freaking matter.
xoxo Becky

Now onto the bomb diggidy hatch chile enchiladas I made last night!
This here is a "hatch chile" It tastes GOOD! Not too hot at all!

We cooked our chicken in a crock pot and shredded
I cheated a bit and bought a lot of the ingredients pre-made

It's hatch chile week at Central Market & they were everywhere!
For the topping I mixed sour cream and the hatch chile con queso together :-)
Top with more hatch chiles
Bake at 350 for about 30 mins
My lil stud
I bought these cute trouser jeans at Gap for like 8 bucks! Score!
We order our diapers on Amazon Mom
Love it!
 Free 2 day shipping and 192 diapers for $35 bucks
We are ready for college football season!
I got this TCU flag for our front flower bed :-)
An escapeeeeee
"Come back here!!!!!"

And because I am being honest and all....
There won't be any new little Branches running around this house anytime soon. I feel so blessed to have a baby at all when some people are still struggling to have one. We are way cool with our one perfect angel. If we were gonna consider it he'd have to be in kindergarten because I can't afford two kiddos in daycare & I'm gonna enjoy every.single.second. with my boo boo!

Love yuns!

Oh tomorrow's Friday! Holla!

I'm random.....can you tell?


arkansasrunner said...

Love the post!

I've never heard of hatch anything before!

The Anglin Family said...

1. I tried to comment yesterday, and couldn't but I loved your post. Scotty and I started out in a one bedroom craphole with nothing but a futon but I was sooo thankful. Over time, I became jealous of others even as I got more and more.
2. Love your blog..and its yours so post what you want.
3. I fixed me being able to comment on other blogs by making my comments on my blog into a popup. Weird.
4. Those enchiladas look yummy!

Emily said...

That recipe looks SOOO good! I love Tex Mex and def need to make that one soon.

Thanks for being you. I'm a big fan of "it's my blog and if you don't like it, no one is making you read." Obviously I try not to offend people, but if folks don't want to hear about Asher they'd better tune in elsewhere. ha ha! Honestly, I'm not sure why some people get so worked up about things!

Love the giveaways! Maybe one of these days I'll get lucky! :-)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

That recipe looks amazing! I'm actually heading to the grocery store after work, so I may just make this tonight!

Ok, yesterdays post...THANK YOU FOR WRITING THAT! I loved your honesty, because I have felt that way many times! I think a lot of us do. Anyway, great post!

Suzan said...

Rats, you mean that the donate button is not supporting your Starbucks habit? I was thinking about adding one to my blog to try and support my addiction to fabric/thread! Love your blog!

Cheryl E. said...

What a great post. I love your honesty and totally agree with you on very point. That is why I love your blog, you are you and I love it :)

Kristi H said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your photos are AMAZING! Definitely not helping my urge to want to upgrade from my Nikon D3000 (that I can't take good pics with!)

Nicolle said...

I love that you say this is YOUR blog and you are taking ownership and you can say what you want. I have so many thoughts in my mind that I want to write, but I don't put them on my blog b/c I think someone will be offended, someone will think I'm trying to be a goody-goody, someone will think I'm horrible if I say a bad word, etc, etc. You make me realize I can say what I want, as long as I'm respectful and nice. :)

We are an only child family and even though there are days that I wonder if it's the best decision, I know in my heart it works for us! Your little guy is so cute, and yes, you are blessed.

I love your blog. I don't comment often, but I love it.

Oh, and I just got back from New Mexico, and went all crazy on green chiles! haha. Your recipe looks delish!

Abramyan Avenue said...

oh this looks good!! i have always wanted to try hatch chili's but have been worried they are too hot.
this looks really, really good!!
and i love central market!