July 8, 2011

Smokey Eyeballs

I love to play with makeup.  Who doesn't???  I got a new eyeshadow/blush palette from Stila the other day.  When my friend Ellen was in town a couple weeks ago I asked her what were her faves and Stila was one she had mentioned. 

I also love a great smokey eye.  I have had issues in the past getting the look just right.  In fact I still have issues...but whatever.....

So I'll show you how I do it, and if you have any tips for me feel free to leave a comment!
1.  Bare eyes (I have no makeup on...so ugh....sorry about that)
2.  Put the darkest shade on the corner crease of your lid
3.  Here is the finished look with 3 colors blended in
4.  Eyes open...Usually I'll put liner/mascara/and makeup on...but I was too lazy for these photos!

(You can see how it really makes your eyes POP even without liner or mascara on)


I think there is a fine line between going too dark though...I don't want to look like I have a black eye!

1.  Chanel #4 liner brush
2.  Chanel #12 contour brush
3.  Clinique true black cream eyeliner

Stila beach palet $14.00

And this has nothing to do with makeup, but everyone is obsessed with PINTEREST right now and I found this Nikon cake.  I LOVE IT!  Of course I am obsessed with my camera sooooo this makes me happy :-)

(If you need an invite to Pinterest just email me at beckylbranch@gmail.com)
 We wish you a happy weekend!!!!
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Fit Dani said...

my friend just had her husbands camera made into a cake too. how funny. but im jealous you can do make up, im a concealer, bronzer, chap stick and on a fancy day mascara....

Lil' Woman said...

I can never get my eyeliner and the smokey look to look just right. I usually end up looking like a raccoon.

Stuff Parents Need said...

loved the tutorial. Popping over from The Pitch List. I'm your newest GFC follower!

Shannon said...

Looks great! I love playing around with make up too.

On Westin's shirts I just used a regular thread that I already had. I just cut it reallllly long and looped it through the needle and then tied a knot at the end of the two ends so it was doubled up. Clear as mud? Haha

Elle said...
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Elle said...

I am stuck in an everyday make up rut. Maybe I should try this! Looks great.

Cheryl E. said...

So pretty! I love messing with makeup but hate when I get it perfect and have no place to show it off :)

Love the pic of you and Connor..adorable!

Kelley said...

I will try this! I seem to look the exact same way everyday!

the workaholic momma said...

I've always wanted to give my eyes the smokey look but every time I end up looking like a drag queen...ha!! You did a great job...and I LOVE Stila products!!

Hope you're having a great weekend...love your Starbucks divas on the side...love that place:)

Melissa said...

We a cute post! I love how you took pictures of your eyes!

Heidi said...

Stopping by from Jenna's. That is the coolest cake!!