July 20, 2011

Our Love Story - Chapter One

Engagement Photo 2001

With our ten year anniversary approaching I wanted to recap how Terence and I met and share with you our little love story. I also want to write it all down so when I am old and decrepit I can look back at this blog and remember our love story via “The Notebook” style.

This is my point of view,Terence may be reading this and thinking “That’s not exactly how it happened!” But it’s how I remember it….and it’s my blog yo :P

Fall 1999 – Freshmen in college

The cost of a gallon of gas was $1.22

Napster was all the rage

The Matrix & The Sixth Sense were top movies

Britney Spears & Shania Twain were at the peak of their careers

ICQ chat room was “the thing to do”

Terence decided to go to college out of state and move to AR for his education. Bonnie and I attended a local Baptist college. My sister, Bonnie, liked to chitter chatter on the Internet long before Facebook & Twitter were even a glimmer in cyber land. She started talking to a guy who was a dorm mate of Terence’s in college. Bonnie and T's dorm mate decided to meet up one night at Baskin Robbins. Just in case this person was a creepy serial killer….Bonnie brought along me and our friend Rachel.

Off we went to Baskin Robbins that night to meet these mystery guys. We pulled up in the parking lot & started chatting and eventually ended up at the recreation room on the college campus. We played video games, shot some pool, and talked. Terence hardly spoke two words to me. Honesty, I wasn’t interested at all, especially in someone wearing cowboy boots & an Aggies hat held together with electrical tape.

He wasn’t my type.

A few weeks passed after our meet up & life went on…then all of a sudden I started getting emails and chat messages from Terence. I didn’t know whether to respond or not.  Bonnie & I were actually trying to see if he was interested in our friend Rachel. He wasn’t. He was interested in me. Terence is a smooth talker, anyone will tell you this. Although I wasn’t interested I gave it a shot and slowly but surely started liking him more and more. We chatted and emailed for a couple of weeks….the emails eventually turned into phone calls….which led to me asking him “Hey you want to come over and watch a movie with me and my Mom?”

I lived at home during college so I thought he wouldn’t want to come to my parents’ house. Much to my surprise he said “YES!” I was excited and nervous at the thought of him coming over, but thought “What do I have to lose?” After all he doesn’t have family here and if nothing else he would have a friend in town. So that night I met up with Terence.

We watched a movie called “Romy & Michelle’s Highschool Reunion”, which I now know that he hated! LOL! My Mom eventually went to bed and left Terence and I alone to talk in the living room. We went to the computer and browsed around on the Internet for a bit….we talked all evening and flirted a lot! We both had school the next day and it was getting late….I really liked this guy, but it was obvious he was very shy, his words on the computer were much stronger than his actions in real life! Ha!

So I took matters into my own hands….leaned forward and gave him a long kiss goodnight…………

To be continued…………..


Jacquie said...

LOVE this!! Jodi and I used to ICQ for HOURS!! Haha! We coulda just used the phone!

Cammie said...

I love this! although I do think that T should post his own version of the chapters as well! It will be interesting to see how closely y'all stories are (or how far apart they are). Think, Twilight's "Midnight Sun"

jen mccrady said...

so precious!

The Anglin Family said...


Somethings Gotta Give said...

I sooooooo remember ICQ......I forgot all about that one. Too funny!! Happy almost 10-Year Anniversary!

Jillian said...

So funny because Ryan was so not my type either, just goes to show us God knows better!

The Clawson Club said...

cute story! we have a cute story too. check it out.


Bonnie said...

I don't remember wanting to meet his friends :P I just remember I wasn't interested in either one, ha ha! From MY perspective, I was really sad that you were getting close to a guy. I had wanted us to spend more time together going out & having fun. I feel like we never got that chance because you met T so early on & it was hard b/c I lost my sister so early. It is hard to share your 2nd half with someone else :( But, I'm glad you found T & he is a good guy...most of the time when he doesn't HOG you! :P It's hard wanting to spend time with your sister & you have to ask permission every time. I just wish T would loosen up a little bit & I think it would all be good. But, things have gotten better as the years go by. He treats you well & provides well for your family & I am proud of the both of you. I just miss my sidder!

Emily said...

Aww, I adore a good love story! Can't wait to hear more!

Shannon said...

Aww! I love it! Soooooooooo sweet!

Lauren said...

Awwww!!!! I just love!!!!!!! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Love it....can't wait to hear more.