July 22, 2011

Make Me Over Friday & Other Stuff

I am blessed to have hairy Brooke Shields eyebrows.  I try to tame them the best I can.  I also have really thick curly hair, sometimes I feel like an amazonian woman....I want laser hair removal surgery.  That business costs like $100 per square inch, that's totally out of the question.  Also, who knows 10 years from now they'll come out saying those lasers cause cancer or something....so I will just take my chances with plucking my brows for now.....

I found a great product to tame my hairy brows though!
 I've been using this for the last 6 months & it works great + my brows stay in place all day!
Another great product I found just recently is Aveda Damage Remedy.  It instantly detangles and smooths my frizzy curly hair & I've really noticed a difference.  I bought this when I got my makeover at Indira!
It's somehow become a nightly routine to stop by Braums for some yogurt and then take Connor to the park.  I know we are making great memories & he has SO much fun!  And we have fun watching him interact at the park playing, sliding, and swinging.  He certainly sleeps better after we go to the park ;)
 He now slides down the BIG slide all by himself!
 My heart
Oh! I got this cute sunglasses case at Borders the other day on clearance for $6 bucks!
I love Paperchase products :-)
 I'm sure we'll be doing lots more swinging this weekend!
This post was all over the place, but so am I these days! 
Hope everyone has a great one!


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Tristan said...

he is sooooo cute!!!!

your brows look good..lol!

Lil' Woman said...

I need that for my brows...they always go crazy.