June 15, 2011

What a Mess!

Did ya'lls pantry throw up like mine did after you had a kid?  I think I need two more of these storage cabinets to handle all the snacks and food we consume these days.  I need some serious organizational skills a.s.a.p.  I am OCD so this is driving me nutso!
Terence and I are doing pretty good dieting this week.  Every night we've had a baked chicken breast and some veggies for dinner.  I have a light spinach salad for lunch.  I am starving by bedtime, but it will all be worth it right?  If I am just dying for a sweet snack I LOVE these Nature Valley granola thins.  They are soooo good!
Connor has been enjoying his fruit as well.  I found these adorable boxer briefs at The Childrens Place when I was visiting in AR.  My Mom bought them for him....they are so cute & make it harder to pull that diaper off!
I also got Connor a little fold up chair at Buy Buy Baby yesterday.  I love that place and am so addicted to it right now!  I like how you can use Bed Bath & Beyond coupons for your items as well.  I figured he could use this during the summer or on 4th of July out looking at fireworks.
I mentioned before I've gone back to Blondie.  It's still not as light as I wanted it, but I'll keep working on it.  I used this hair color last night and I liked the foam aspect of it, I don't think the color was as deep as a normal hair dye is though???  Anyone else tried the foam?
 I did a side braid on my hair today
I feel 10 years old with a braid
And I got some Starbucks....they put some weird flavoring in it. Ewe.
Happy Hump Day!


Melissa said...

His little boxer briefs are too cute!

Bobbie said...

I passed buy buy baby this weekend while in ft. Worth and wondered about it but didn't have time to stop. Now I wish I did!

Jessica said...

I bought an over the door shoe rack to hang on my pantry door, it has helped add a lot of space in my pantry!

Jessica Renee said...

OMG baby boxer briefs?! Adorable!

And i love you as a blondie! So pretty! :)

Elle said...

I would love a super big walk-in pantry with all those co-ordinating tupperware tubs and containers. My problem now is that My pantry gets so crazy I forget what I have and end up with 3kg of brown suger and no cumin.

Tristan said...

we only have one main food cabinet..lol..you should feel lucky!
i would totally organize that for you..lol..i love too!

t-a is OBSESSED with her lawn chair!

Erin said...

He boxer briefs :) SO cute!

Your hair looks great in every color, lucky duck :)

And when we moved into our house, I bought some baskets and bins for the pantry to organize them. I made little labels (which now don't really coordinate with what is in them after Parker arrived and yes took over cabinets and pantry space). We have one shelf for Parker's snacks and foods, snack things in two big bins on the bottom, oils-spices-and-sprays in another, baking things, breakfast things, etc . . .It works well and any time I feel like it is a mess I yank it all out and reorganize baskets. For instance some of Parker's snacks instead of being in boxes are in tupperware containers) . . . hope that gives you some ideas :)

Lil' Woman said...

I can't beleive they make littleboxer briefs that small...lol :) He's too cute.

~KS said...

I cannot believe how grown up your little man looks!!!! Oh my!!
And of course... love love love the Starbucks pic :)