June 9, 2011

Shot Up!

Yesterday we took Connor to his one year check up appt.  He's only a few months late!  Ha..ha..
We changed pediatricians because we wanted to wait awhile before giving the MMR shot to Connor.  Our old pediatrician didn't agree to that, so we switched.  We will get it eventually....judge us all you want....but I just wanted to wait a bit before diving into that controversial shot :P
 Waiting for our name to be called
Connor usually does good with his shots.  He did get three shots yesterday and only cried for a minute or two.  I really liked the new pediatrician a lot!  The nurse slapped some Spiderman bandaids on those legs and we were outta there! 

15 Month Stats:
  • Weight 23 pounds
  • Head was in the 95% (HUGE BRAIN CHILD!)
  • Length was 75%
Poor little feller is getting TWO teeth in this week
I got a new coupon organizer, the big binder was just too much for me to carry in the store.  I also didn't like having to fold up each coupon into teeny tiny squares for them to fit in my binder inserts.  I got this one at Office Depot and it works just great!
 Don't mind if I do.....
Send me your Starbucks pics :)
I just love them!!!! @ beckylbranch@gmail.com
Dude loves to vacuum....hopefully this trait stays with him throughout his life. 
Gotta love a man who cleans right?
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Andrea said...

I am such a Starbucks addict:-)

Jennifer said...

I totally put off the MMR vaccine until my lil' man was over 24 months old. We saw no adverse effects after the shot, and I'm STILL glad that I postponed it. =) Thankfully our pediatrician was in agreement. (Although he didn't fully agree with my reasoning, he never refused care...)

Tonya said...

Ok, I must be in lala land. What's the deal with the MMR vaccine? Brady's turning 1 tomorrow and has his next check-up next Tuesday. Send me some info if you have time...please. You should be able to send me an email...it's linked to my blog account. Thanks!

Oh, and I just think your son is so adorable. Wish we lived closer. We could have playdates!

Tristan said...

aw! he's just is perfect!

bummer on teeth..ick..t-a is getting eye teeth and they are driving her crazy!

i love your stylish coupon organizer! mine is orange paper little binder thing..lol

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

Great choice with the shots, proud of you for standing your ground. LOVE the coupon organizer, I need a new one, Connor is getting SO big!

Linds said...

he's a cutie! (and brayden is obsessed with vacuuming too!).

Emily said...

My 17 mo old son LOVES to vacuum and Swiffer to no end. I really need to get him a little vac like Connor has!

Nicolle said...

I've stopped by your blog a couple of times, had to leave you a comment today...I'm on your side about the shots!

Our little guy is 3 and we still haven't done the MMR shot. We might wait until right before Kindergarten! So, no judging from here, I totally get it! Our doctor gives us a bit of a hard time, but also respects our decision. We also spread out his shots....he never gets more than 2 at any appointment.

Your sweet Connor is just adorable!

Karla said...

We waited on suggested age of the shots too and when they got them we spread the shots out... you have to wait a month between the shots, so you have to keep going back but it's worth it. Our doctor didn't agree but didn't think bad of us either.

Lil' Woman said...

My sister did an alternate vaccination schedule too! :)