June 23, 2011

Mud Pie Love

One of my favorite brands of children's clothing is Mud Pie.  I am so excited they are also making clothing and accessories for women now too!  I can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear some of the new fall line.  Isn't this stuff cute? 
 I love these tunics
 Slippers and bags
I adore the pj pants for women!
 And below are a few examples the PRECIOUS baby clothing they sell!
 I'm so ready for fall and Christmas now...and I need a GIRL to dress up in all this cute stuff huh?

I am a bit obsessed with children's clothing you think?
(This post is my opinion and was not sponsored by Mud Pie in any way)


dave and jenn said...

I love their kids stuff too! Jade already has two pairs of shoes from them, as well as a headband.

Anonymous said...

How did I not know about Mud Pie! Seriously!?! I hope they see that you did this because their name needs to be out! Thanks, doll!

Kim In Seattle said...

Ahhh I love everything! I need some children to dress up now ;-)

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Mud Pie is AMAZING!! They seriously make the best baby stuff EVER! I had no idea they made ruffled pj pants for ladies too - I NEED I NEED!! xoxo

Lil' Woman said...

They have alot of cute stuff, I'm loving the purses :)

BoyMom3 said...

GREAT blog, Thanks for visiting mine, now that i have my comment notification on I can finally see new readers and chk out yours! xoxo

Creativeschmidt said...

I LOVE Mud Pie too! Their women's line is so wonderful...I had no idea! :) Pretty sure I just found my next fall purse!

LollipopMoon said...

stuff is so classic and lovely, just what childhood should be!