June 10, 2011

Friday Brain Dump

My gal pal Amber came and ate lunch with me today because she's a loser and gets off work at 11:00 on Fridays.  We went to Chimy's and OMG their nacho bar is da bomb.  Afterwards we went to J. Rae's for a cupcake...and I know I've been complaining a lot about how I feel like a lard butt these days....but I swear it was her idea....she's the preggo and all!  Love you Amber.  For realz.
 I love that big ole cupcake on top of the roof don't you?
 Also - At Chimy's we sat right next to the Fort Worth Fire Dept.  Can you say HOT!!!

We don't have much planned this weekend.  I honestly want to just chill out and relax with my family.  Maybe go running around a little bit.  Here's my little dude at play.....
 He's constantly on the move these days.  He busted his lip a few days ago and he's constantly falling because he is still a bit wobbly.  I hope people don't think we spank him like that because we DON'T!  He's just a clumsy wumsy lil boy right now!
 Momma & Connor
I look kinda creepy :P
Can we just talk about this dress on Kate Middleton for just a sec?  I mean come on!  This chick looks fabulous in everything you put on her!  It's like she has a fairy god mother or something and she just waves and magic wand and "voila" = Kate Middleton.  Everything looks good on her bony little frame....dang it Kate you are putting the rest of us to shame :P  You get the Prince Charming and a wardrobe the rest of us gals would kill for.....


I know several people have said something about my "Donate" button on the right hand side bar.  Yes- Starbucks is expensive.  I don't have the money to buy one every.single.day.  It is my crack and I am addicted.  I've never tried to hide that fact.  I LOVE ME SOME STARBUCKS.  Everyone has crutches right?  My family knows this, my friends, and co-workers.  Honestly I get a lot of Starbucks gift cards and I'm very lucky!  I thought if Save Karyn can do it on her website and pay off all her credit card debt then why can't I have a Starbucks donation fund for people to help me out too!  I am not rich, I work a full time job, and I don't claim to have a lot of money...but I do like Starbucks....and Starbucks makes my days a little happier & if you do help a sista out then awesomeness!   :) 

And just for kicks....here is Betty, my co-worker who loves Starbucks as well :)
Isn't she the cutest?
She is Connor's Momma's work Grandma
Have a great weekend everyone!
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Elle said...

I would kill for just one quick visit with Kate's fairy god mother! There is some magic to being a princess, even in this modern day and age!

arsenalfamily said...

I don't know Becky, it still seems odd to have a fund your coffee addiction button... Which also goes against Shakeology... I don't get it?

Romax love said...

Connor is just too adorable- he must have a fairy god mother too.
Coffee addiction button is a great idea, I love it. The best part is that if you don't want to donate you DON'T have to. How great is that!!!! However if people think they have the right to criticize you for it and maybe leave a mean comment I think they should donate a minimum of 5, so at least read their mean comments while enjoying a little Starbuck on them.
Have an awesome weekend relaxing!!!!!!

Nicolle said...

I am a cupcake fanatic, and have never heard of J. Rae's. Will have to check it out! We love this little place in Keller. I blog about it all the time! Best cupcakes in the world. :)

Lil' Woman said...

It sickens me how good she looks in everything....damn that Middleton family!

Fit Dani said...

okay sorry promise one more comment lol. J.Rae's.... have you been to the cupcake cottage,(off camp bowie, or whats up cupcake in keller .holy bajesus, im like a cupcake whore. oh and around the corner from JR's is the cookie place sweet sammies, ummm okay im done.