May 25, 2011

CraZy Storms!

This is what Connor thought of the weather last night!
We were playing outside before all the madness began.  We got some heavy rain and hail, but for the most part it missed where we live.  I HATE this time of scares the poo out of me!  All these storms around the country are so scary.  I feel so bad for all those who are hurting, who have lost loved ones, and possessions.  My heart  aches for them & I can't imagine losing EVERYTHING you have!

Connor is so silly, he just runs around with his tongue wagging......

He has got QUITE the personality these days ;)

Here is a pictures of some of the hail outside our front door.  I think the biggest we had was around half dollar size.  I know a lot of other folks in the area experienced much larger hail than we did.  Can you imagine the car insurance claims/home insurance claims that are going to be made today???  Yikes!

So I'm back at work this morning and the sun is shining....looking forward to a three day weekend in Arkansas with family and friends.  Also ready to get the big 3-0 out of the way ;)

Take care everyone and be safe!

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Jessica Renee said...

I'm so glad y'all are safe! I can imagine how scary that is.

Have fun this weekend with your family and Happy pre-Birthday!! ;)

carrie1 said...

Connor is too cute! Glad you all are okay after those nasty storms.

Aly said...

His faces just crack me up! Glad yall are safe!

Angie said...

The weather was wild wasn't it?!?! I'm glad we are all safe.

Connor's tongue out pics are so dang funny & cute!

Kendra said...

Omg, connor's tongue is hysterical!! Glad you are safe!!

Linds said...

we had really bad hail a few weeks ago and I think they are telling people it will be a month before their cars are fixed. one of my friends who got stuck in the hail storm out and about running errands said her windshield was SHAKING. SO scary!

Romax love said...

This bad weather is so scary I take Houston heat any day of the week instead of those storms. So glad you guys are safe. Connor you are so cute, those silly faces just crack me up.
Guess you and I will be celebrating this weekend, my brothers birthday is Friday and mine is Sunday. Happy early birthday, best wishes to you and your twin, happy birthday girls. Don't forget to congratulate your sweet mom too, without her you guys wouldn't be celebrating. Congratz mom!!!

Michelle said...

We had some cray cray weather yesterday, but it's small potatoes compared to everything that has happened in Alabama, Louisiana, thankful we were spared.

I saw on Twitter last night that some places in Texas had softball & grapefruit sized hail! That's nuts!

Anonymous said...

haha..that is hilarious!!

(this is tristan by the way!)

Lil' Woman said...

Glad you and your fam were safe from the storms.

Karen At Home said...

We had horrible storms here in Cleveland last night too! No power for 4 hours, we missed the AI finale. Have a great weekend!