April 19, 2011

Tuesday Brain Dump

I am clearly looking forward to meeting all my friends in a couple weeks at the Dallas Blogger Meetup!  But if I don't stop eating this CRAP I am going to blow up into a roly poly!  I've got to stop this business ASAP...no more candy bars!!! 
I mean why am I doing the C25K???
My sweet friend Lauren told me about KT Tape.  It has been helping some, until last night we started week three of C25K and my knees are killing me again, even with the tape on!  I think I need to take a breather and just walk, not run.  I've never really been a runner and I think I need more time to build up my body to this point instead of starting this cold turkey.  I don't want to ruin my knees and then end up hobbling around everywhere. The pain is killing me!
 Awhile back I mentioned I ordered a box of makeup samples from Birchbox.com.

You go online and fill out a profile and for $10 a month you get a deluxe box of samples.
 So this was my first box- I got samples of the above products.
  • First of all I selected MAKEUP as what I wanted most in my box.  I got skincare???
  • I received a piece of paper with flower seeds in it to plant?  What do I do with THIS?
  • I also got a plastic display of nail color selections, again what do I DO with this???
Overall, it wasn't too bad.  This month's theme was "green" products, so I guess it fit the theme.  I hope next months box contains more items pertaining to my profile though.  We shall see!

 I am officially finished breast feeding!!!!

Can I get an amen?  I made it almost 14 mos. and I am so proud of myself!  I am glad to have a bit of freedom back and not be chained to the pump anymore!  I can actually take a full lunch break at work, I can sleep an extra 30 min in the morning, and I can go to bed early now too!  And the best part I don't have to wear a bra 24/7!!!! 

Random question: Does Alicia Silverstone EVER wear a bra???

Every picture I've seen of her she has those things swinging around like tether balls.  Once she has that baby she's gonna have to strap a bra on because she'll be leaking!  And you know she is gonna breastfeed because she's all vegan & holistic like that!
 I sent my sweet Summer a mustache pillow last week :)

I had seen it weeks before at a local store and there was only one on the shelf.  I was just praying they still had it because I knew she had to have it!  I got there and it was still there so I mailed it off and she got it!

Random thought for the day:

I was thinking of something this morning....nothing in particular brought this on.  But I was thinking about some of the things I do in life and ask myself "Would that person be proud of what I am doing?"  Often times I ask myself what if my Papa could see me from Heaven living my life....would he approve of the things I do?  He's not physically here, but if he could see me and everything I do during the day would he be proud?  And the answer to a lot of things is "No".  Then I began to think, yes, Papa is not here but he would not be happy about it.  God is not physically here either....yet I don't tend to value God's opinion as much because I don't have a memory or a relationship with him like I did with my Papa.  That is not right.  Not right at all.  My relationship with God should be just as important....in fact more important.  And I should value what God thinks of my life and decisions even more than I would Papa's.  Which tells me my relationship with God is not as personal as it should be if I don't even value what God's opinion of my life is and I just shove it off and say "Well, God's not really here so what does it matter?"  It does matter because He sees and hears everything....and I just have to remind myself that.  He is here...he is present...and that does matter.  AND GOD CARES MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE WOULD!

I often find myself spending time doing things of no value at all.  Some of those things involve the Internet and being on my phone.  I never ever want to put these material things over time with my family.  My family comes first, and sometimes I need to check myself before I wreck myself.  I love to blog and I love to tweet...Facebook or whatever....it's just finding balance that has been hard for me.  So I may not have as much time to do the things I once did, my house may not me perfect, and my makeup may be smudged....but I'm okay with that because the decisions I am making are finally ones I am proud of.

Maybe this makes no sense to anyone but me...ha..ha..

Looking forward to family getting here tonight and enjoying time spent with them!

What are you looking forward to this week???


Amber Maddux said...

what flavor of Godiva chocolate is that???

Lauren said...

Girl, your Alicia Silverstone comment had me busting up!!! LOL!!! And I so feel you on the balance girl, it’s hard, but it can be found!!

Cheryl E. said...

Very very true. I am guilty of the same. I need to start living my life like God is right next me. Plus with little eyes watching everything I do now, I really need to put my words into action.

Mojito Maven said...

Ahem, what is this Dallas Bloggers meet-up and can i come?!?!?!?

Jacquie said...

Good post, Becky.

As for your knees. The single most important thing when you seriously take up running is SHOES!! Go to a running store and have them do a gait analysis on you. They will tell you if you are a neutral or a pronator. You need to buy shoes that match your specific need. Running stores will often tell you why you have pain in places, too. They know their stuff - if it's a reputable running store... not just a box store.

Lil' Woman said...

Love that mustache pillow....there all the rave now.

Claire Kiefer said...

Crazy re: Alicia Silverstone! Isn't that uncomfortable? I'd hate that feeling. And as for wasting time, I can't tell you how much time I waste. It's a pretty awful feeling. :(

Heather B said...

Shoes are so so important!!! Amazing how they can make such a difference!!!

HALLELUJAH on being finished breastfeeding!! I bet your hubby's happy too!!!

Karen At Home said...

LOL! I have tears in my eyes over the Alecia Silverstone comment. Hilarious!!!!

So jealous you too are going to the Dallas Blogger meet up!!!! Wish I could meet y'all too. Have a great time, can't wait to see pics!


Kendra said...

Love this little random post. Its wonderful. PS I love that pillow!!

Heather said...

Make sure you stretch really good before and after you run...it may help your knees :).

Emily said...

Love that pillow!

I don't even want to think about not wearing a bra while running around town. The chaffing - owww! SO funny!!