April 6, 2011

It's a Slow Week Around Here

This has been a S-L-O-W week if there ever was one!  I've just been working & spending time with my boys at night.  I ordered a new Dooney purse and it's lavender.  I wanted a new purse for spring and I hope I like it!  Just waiting for it to finally ship :)  I love new purses!
I've seen this floating around blog land.  People are writing out something in their handwriting and comparing it to others.  I guess you can tell a lot about someone through their handwriting.  Mine is sort of sloppy I guess....but I think mine changes on and off throughout the day just depending on how lazy I am.  Go see other's handwriting HERE.

We have a walking fool on our hands...
And here he is sporting the mug of his new BFF Elmo. 

Connor decided it would be a good idea to take EVERY.SINGLE.WIPE. out of his wipe warmer last night and throw them all over his room!  He also likes to take ALL of his clothes out of the drawers in his closet. 
Never a dull moment I tell ya...never a dull moment.....
Reading lots of books and we visited Daddy's favorite store Best Buy

Did I mention my 10 year anniversary is coming up???
Of course I would love a 2 carat anniversary ring buahaaahaahaaa!!!!
But just in case that doesn't work out I am loving this lovely :)
David Yurman Ring
My sweet sister sent me this shirt from H&M for $7 ya'll!
It's so cute with all the frilly flowers on it :)
Look at these cute shoes!  I never know what size to get for babies. 
The ones I've been buying lately always seem too small or too big!
 Sandals for $7.99 at Zulily

And look at this! So cute!
Connor LOVES soft stuff to waller on....
Owl pillow pet for $11.99 at Zulily

Happy Hump Day!


dave and jenn said...

WOW! 10 years is awesome!! Congrats on that milestone!

I know nothing about the sizes for baby shoes...I'm gonna have to try to figure that one out.

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

bling bling! i like the D&B purse.

Shannon said...

Love that purse! My mom has one but not in a super Springy color like yours!

That ring is gorgeous! I have already told my hubs to save for something great for our 10th...it's still 2 years away! A girl can dream, right?

Yay for walking like crazy, that's always exciting when your littles are on the go (all the time)!

Cheryl E. said...

Your new purse is so pretty and perfect for spring!

I dont believe that little sweet face could do something so naughty like that. :)

Kelsey Claire said...

Oh my goodness, I am soooooo jealous of the purse! So cute!

Romax love said...

I'm loving the purple purse, and that ring is just lovely.

Connor such cute red shoes.

I don't have kids but I would love to get that owl, would it be weird if I bought it for my puppies?

Tristan said...

pretty purse!

you look beautiful in your new shirt!!

t-a does the same thing with her wipes..ahhh!

Jenna @ SpitzerStories said...

Love your handwriting (and the quote you wrote out!). I am also digging the David Yurman ring and the H and M shirt. It's all adorable. I hope you're not this cute all the time because I am not sure I can read your blog if you are...and I want to read your blog. ;)

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Oh that H&M shirt - love it! What a sweet sister you have!

Jamie Rubeis said...

I love the Owl Pillow Pet! I have not seen one of those yet.

~KS said...

1) That purse is super fab. LOVE love LOVE the shade of purple.
2) I will cross my fingers for you to get your 2 carats... but that blue ring is gorgeous too!!
3) Your pink top, in the stabrs pic...?!??! WOW! You look amazing!!!

Lil' Woman said...

Happy early 10 years! :)