April 27, 2011

Home Improvement

So we Terence has been working on our yard a lot lately.  We plan on gutting our front flower bed and re-doing the whole thing.  When we moved in it was just builder landscaping there.  We would like to personalize it more and put some plants we actually like in front of the house.  I'm not sure what kind of border I want to use?  Just the plain metal edging or some sort of stone.  Stone is way more expensive though!  Suggestions???
 We finally got Connor in the grass. 
For some reason he has had a wierd fear of grass lately...it's so silly!
And we have to keep him from running out into the road now!

 Here is what we are working on so far:
 This is a very small flower bed to the side of the front sidewalk
We got these flowers last weekend to plant here
I'll show the finished results when we get it all mulched and everything :)
 Also, I had shared before that our guest bedroom was in need of some major decorating.
 We finally got a night stand!
Well, we had company coming and we had been putting it off so we finally purchased THIS one from Pier 1 Imports.  It's not the greatest quality, but it works in that room for the time being.

See how the lamp was on the floor...

Disclaimer: I realize I look like a total dork taking pics of myself!

 Shirt : Ebay purchase for $3.25 (Winning bid!) Love the polka dots!
Shoes: Old - Aerosoles
Pants: Black dress pants from Ann Taylor Loft

Have you ever seen such a wollering boy in your entire life?
I told you he loves everything SOFT!

He just clings to it!
We go see an upper GI specialist tomorrow.  Not sure what is going on, but we've been having issues getting Connor to eat well and take milk.  He throws up a lot afterwards.  Prayers are appreciated!


Lil' Woman said...

Love the new nightstand! :)

Shannon said...

Love the new nightstand! I also love the pillows in there.

Can't wait to see your flowerbeds! I've been planting up a storm too. I just love working in our beds.

That is so funny he likes to roll around on soft things because Westin is the same way! It is so darn cute.

In this wonderful life... said...

love the night table! You guys are so cute!!

ps - let Connor know I posted his pic today :)

Nicole said...

Lots of goodies here! Love the flowers/plantings that you chose. Conner is stinkin' cute as always! Love your WIWW! Go girlie!

Elle said...

The guest room looks great! i can offer no advice on the gardening. i have no green thumb (or any green fingers).