April 1, 2011

Fun Finds Friday

I know you've been asking yourself "What did Connor do while Mom & Dad were away?"  And if you didn't then I just want to let you know that we did not leave our baby unattended to eat carpet fuzz, play in the toilet, and change his own poopy diapers!  Ha..ha..

My Mom & Dad graciously drove here from Arkansas over spring break to watch Connor James.  I know he had the best time with them and he was spoiled completely rotten.  I think it was a great bonding time for them.  I came home from our trip to find his closet full of new clothes and he now has an insane infatuation with Elmo.  I sure hope Elmo is a girl because there have been some serious slob fests going on with Elmo these days!  I can never tell because Elmo has such a high voice???
Elmo love
We got this cute owl shirt at Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC.  It says "Whooo ate my candy?"
See what I mean???  The dude is in LOVE!
And we even found Connor's girlfriend while we were in Central Park! 
Look it's ELMO!!!
I did get frequent text pictures from my parents pertaining to their daily activities.....
 Connor got an Easter "Thing-a-ma-jig"
AKA: Little critters that sing and make noise when you squeeze their arms
Trying to fill Poppy's shoes :)
Loving on Elmo in PUBLIC! Slow down on the PDA Connor :P
Riding the train with Nana
At the zoo with Nana and Poppy

Connor also got to spend Friday and Saturday with his Grana & Pop (Terence's parents)
We are very grateful for such wonderful babysitters so we could have a vacation together!!!


I have gotten not one...but TWO free Starbucks this week!

1.  At Kroger they have a Starbucks in the store.  My drink is actually .70 cents cheaper at the Kroger for some reason???  They also scan your Kroger card and you get points and randomly get a free drink.  I GOT ONE.
2. Today I was in line and pulled up to pay and the girl said "It's free today!"  I have no clue...BUT I GOT ANOTHER FREE DRINK!  Holla!
If you want to be added to the Starbucks wall on the right just email me your lovely mug at beckylbranch@gmail.com

Did you know that Apple and MAC Cosmetics are teaming up to create a new makeup line?  Crazy!

Look at these cuties :

I really want to try GiGi's Cupcakes in Dallas.  I love Sprinkles, but these just look divine!  And I just got an email with some of their new cupcakes for spring.....droooooool......
Smore's & Chocolate Cream Pie

Everyone have a great weekend!!!


Tristan said...

geez becky..hahahaha.
i only know this because we watch him..15 times a day..at the least..
oh my word..she is obsessed just like him!!!
They would be the best of friends..lol!!

Glad he had a nice little vacay himself..haha

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look too good to eat, almost! Hah!

Todd and Courtney said...

We have a GiGis here actually. They are very good but the icing is soooo much. The pile it super high. I usually have to scrape half of it off but they sure are yummy :) I like Sprinkles too. We would get along just fine with our chocolate fixes!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Hahahahaha I loove Connor's obsession with Elmo. LOVERS!

Jacquie said...

Looks like Connor had a blast, too!!

Your skin is PERFECT... what skin care line do you use??????

Lil' Woman said...

Melt in my mouth, those cupcakes look delish!

Kelley said...

Those pictures are so cute with your son and Elmo! I bet you guys had an awesome trip!

abi said...

I was excited about the MAC and Apple line....until I looked online and found out it was an April Fool's joke. It's a great idea and packaging though!