March 15, 2011

Skidders Socks & Shoes

Connor and I recieved some really cool socks and shoes called "Skidders". 
Innovative and hassle-free, Skidders introduces a new way to wear socks and shoes.

About Skidders:

A durable, non-slip outsole and cushioned insole will comfort and protect his/her feet during indoor and outdoor adventures. You will appreciate the pull-on design for easy on-and-off ability and she will appreciate the effortless cool look that little kids crave. Keep feet comfortable and stylish as our upper designs are colorful without the constraint of shoes. Our lightweight outsole provides the stability, flexibility, and traction that new walkers need.

Connor got some Skidders shoes & socks.  First of all let me say how CUTE they are!  Connor is just starting to walk and he falls a lot!  We have hardwood and tile floors & those can be very slick for a new walker to manouver on.  These have a gripper on the bottom of the sock and it's almost impossible for him to skid around & they are so easy to get on and off.
Look how cute the camo shoes are!
This is what the bottom of the Skidders socks look like
Skidders even has adult sized socks with grippers for ME too!

I'm loving this leopard cool right?  I slip and fall more than I'd care to I think I'm going to like wearing these :)  Thank you Skidders for our stylish new socks and shoes!


Tristan said...

those are so cute!!

Cheryl E. said...

What a great idea for kids and they even have cute boy prints...that never happens :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love your leopard skidders! I need these!

Tina said...

These are so cool! Love them! Might need to consider getting us all some!

Lil' Woman said...

I've never heard of these...I like them! :)