February 10, 2011

A New Day

Thank you all for the prayers over the last few days.  They were much appreciated and greatly felt.  We have been sicker than sick and it's been one of the toughest trials as a mom/wife I think I've experienced!  I'm feeling much better, my stomach is still a bit wishy washy...but doing a lot better considering.  The most important thing is Connor is doing better and that is what matters most to me.  You can cut off my right arm, but please do not put my baby through pain and suffering. 

I've lost a lot of my milk supply over the last 4-5 days.  I think it's because I have been so dehydrated.  No matter how much water I drank it seems like I would just throw it up :(  I pray that it will come back so I can pump for these last few weeks.  I've almost made it a year and it just devistates me that it just went away that quickly when I have worked so hard to keep this up.  And note to self : NEVER FORGET FLU SHOT AGAIN!
I participated in a Valentine blog exchange.  My partner Diane outdid herself.  She sent me the most AWESOME and AMAZING package ever!  I am not such a good partner to her though :(  I have not gotten my stuff together and I am just praying it gets there by Valentines Day.  Diane you are the best and I hope you'll forgive me for not being as organized and on the ball as you are....I aspire to be like you one day!
Starbucks card and the cutest owl earrings
Owl tissue holder :) LOVE THIS!
Look at this owl magnant?  So cute!

I think we would be BFF in real life she knows me so well :)

Thank you so much Diane you made my week!

I have fallen so far off the wagon on the party planning and my house is a disaster.  I am going to have someone come over on Saturday (my co-worker Julie's mom) cleans houses and she's going to clean MINE!  That is what I told Terence I wanted for Valentines Day just a good thorough clean that I did not have to worry about doing, especially since we have all been sick.  There are not enough Clorox wipes in the world right now to make me feel good after this week.  I'm so ready to get things back to normal and have my life back!  I'll never take my health for granted again!!!!  Hoping you all have a happy and healthy week!


Jessica Jimenez said...

I'm so glad y'all are getting better! I now have the flu too (didn't get the shot either!). I will never forget to get mine again!

Amber Maddux said...

next time you do a blog swap thing let me know as I would like to get in on it - I think it would be lots of fun!!!! Glad to know ya'll are starting to feel better and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have missed you :(

Natalie said...

So glad that you guys are on the mend! I might need to go ahead and use the cleaning lady as a Valentine's Day present as well!

Cherylenlow said...

Well you deserve that nice treat of getting your house cleaned then. Glad to hear you guys are feeling a bit better.

In This Wonderful Life said...

So glad things are looking up. I hate that you guys have been so sick!! xoxo

Timel123 said...

I'm praying that you are 100% really soon..sheesh.

LOVE your package so cute!!

Kimberley said...

i hope everyone is completely healed soon! i would love for someone to clean my house from top to bottom, what a nice treat for you after feeling icky.

The Anglin Family said...

That's a precious pic of Connor sleeping. Sweet baby!

I am glad ya'll are feeling better! Stay well!

Misti Neally Stalcup said...

I'm glad you guys are starting to feel better. It's hard when your baby is sick and both parents are sick. :(

I love the owl tissue holder, so very cute!

ClassyFabSarah said...

Thank GOD you're feeling better! Now it's time to par-ty (plan, that is). I know it's going to be a FABULOUS birthday for your little man!

Diane said...

I'm glad you like it Becky! :) I think we could be great BFF's (Starbucks enablers) in real life as well. ;) I'm sure you've done fine with mine and better late than never is my mantra around here. Give yourself a break- you deserve it!

Hani said...

Hey becky,
Following your blog newest. Would love if you come by