February 1, 2011

Living Life

We have a lot going on these days it seems!  Terence and I worked the Stock Show again on Saturday morning while our friends Adam & Christa watched Connor.  We are so thankful for such sweet family and friends. We also had the pleasure of having Terence's Uncle Royce & Aunt Susan stay with us.  We all had family dinner on Saturday night at Terence's parents house and then they came over and stayed at our house.  The next morning we all had breakfast at Golden Corral, which has a massive smorgasbord of food by the way! 

Sunday we just spent family time together and did the usual....grocery shopping....laundry....the cycle never ends!  We had such beautiful weather this past weekend I can hardly believe the weather TODAY!  It sleeted and snowed over night and the roads were a sheet of ice this morning.  Terence took me to work thank goodness or I would have been very nervous, especially with Connor in the back seat.  I know lots of people have been getting crazy weather....but this is unusually cold for TX.  I think the high today and tomorrow is in the teens.  *Shiver*
Ter-Bear & I getting our Starbucks fix Saturday morning :)
Beautiful plant from Aunt Susan and Uncle Royce :)
These are some cupcake stands I bought for Connor's party.  One of them was silver metal and the other was white plastic.  I bought some "oil rubbed bronze" spray paint and painted them to match.  I was thinking I could stick suckers or something through the one on the left??? 
I got my butt chewed by Terence for doing THIS to our back porch!
I guess I didn't realize the wind was blowing....oops!
They turned out nice though!
Connor loves the "Little Einstein's" cartoon theme song.  That is about all he likes right now so we rewind and let him watch it over and over.  He's not much into TV.  I think he just likes the dancing and music part of the intro.
Dude also has a fascination with the dishwasher.......teaching him early!!! Woohoo!
That's funny because Terence claims his Mom never taught him how to do the dishes and I KNOW she did!
Love this face :)
He also never goes anywhere these days without his "lovie" AKA his owl blankie
I love these!  My good friend Wendy sent these to me and they are so precious!
He got his first Valentine from Nannie (Great Grandma)
We love our Nannie and miss her so much!

I hope you all are having a good week!

I was cutting coupons last night and I think he may have eaten one because he has been throwing up all day.  It looked like it had paper in it.  I have no clue what to do?  He is in a good mood, but he can't keep his food down???  I have to watch him like a hawk...I had no idea he had eaten that much paper :(


ClassyFabSarah said...

Those cupcake stands look AMAZING. I never would have thought to spray paint them - and I am the spray paint queen!

I love the pic of him at the dishwasher. CUTE!

Jennifer Holland said...

I love the cupcake stands and think that one would be perfect for suckers! What a great idea!

karen said...

What cute pictures of Connor! I'm sorry he's been throwing up. Hope he's better soon.

lindseylu said...

Don't worry about the paper! Brayden eats paper all the time. In fact, one time he ate a friend of mine's BOOK. Part of having a boy I think :)

EmmyLou said...

OMW- Connor is so sweet!! Looks like the day started out well (Starbucks!) I hope C gets to feeling better!! :) xo

Lilchef73 said...

Oh goodness...yes they get into everything don't they? I'm sure he'll be fine...my brother ate money when he was little...paper money and coins...my mom found it in his diaper...I'll never forget that! LOL

Timel12l3 said...

he is so sweet!!!
those stands look so good!!! i can't wait to see his party pics!!

um..Taylor-Austyn eats paper all.the.time..its awful..lol..it usually comes out the other end in a day or so..shes fast she eats it before I can get it outta her hands!

Lauren said...

Can’t believe your crazy Texas weather. Perfectly content with my 81 degrees here in Florida. Ha! Connor is soooo precious!!! :)

Tonya @ Journey of Hope said...

Oh my word! I'm just now catching up on your blog and JUST yesterday posted a picture of Brady getting into the dishwasher. I think Connor and Brady would make great friends! :)

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