November 17, 2009

Starting on baby Connor's room

There is going to be a twin bed in Connor's room along with his crib and changing table. I got this bedding today and I think it matches pretty well with the crib fabric. That is all that is in his room pretty much right now...but it's coming along!
This cross stitch picture was in mine and Bonnie's room as a child and we both love it. The matting in the frame was pink so I took it out at put it in a more boyish frame to hang in Connor's room. This is the prayer we grew up saying because it was easy to remember and right above our bed, hopefully I can teach it to Connor to say every night too. My Mom has her name in the bottom right and the year 1982, I guess it was a year after we were born.


Sarah said...


I'm a lurker on your blog. =) I just had a baby girl in October (our first) and I laughed out loud when I read about the prayer you framed for Connor's room. I had the exact same prayer in my room as a child. My grandma cross stitched it for me and I just had it reframed and hung it in my daughter's room. Hope you're doing well!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Hey girl! So happy to tell you that you won my November Giveaway! You can email me at and I'll get your shipping info!


LeAnna said...

An extra bed in the babies room is an EXCELLENT idea. Wish I had space for that in ours, it would have come in handy being the nursery is plumb across the other end of the house!

Elaine said...

We say this prayer every night w/ our almost 2 year old! She tries very hard to say it with us, but usually only gets the "amen."

Summer B. said...

I love everything so far! I cannot wait to see it in person! Lovely prayer!

ginger ivey said...

is the carpet in his room pink?

ginger ivey said...

is the carpet in his room pink?