June 6, 2009

Thanks Ya'll!

  • Wow! You guys have been so much help in the home buying process I can't say enough! As first time home buyers we are really torn as to what to do. We looked at some more houses today and ultimately ended up back at the house shown below. We really REALLY love it and the agent is trying to work with us on the price...but if we can't get it within our budget then we will just have to hold off a bit. That is fine with me as we can rent and continue to save until something we love in our price range comes up. I am just afraid of the interest rates going up soon! We are going to venture back out tomorrow and look at some more houses....see if anything turns up!
  • Also-I know I talk about my long drive to work a lot! LOL! And yes-I did interview for another job in Dallas, but ultimately I think I want to wait because there are actually three locations closer to where we will be living and I think it will be a better place for me...in the mean time I continue to commute, but that's okay because I just crank up the radio and listen to my morning shows and before you know it I am there!

Thank you so much everyone for all your advice and honesty about your situations...I know the world is so uncertain right now and it's definitely hard to make life changing decisions. Part of me just wants to continue to rent because I know if anything does happen we will be safe, the other part wants to take that next step....we shall see....

Love bunches - Becky



i finally found your sister's blog too! so now we are all blogging buddies :) yahh. my twin did have a blog but she quit using it, she is a loser lol. hope you have a great weekend. ohh and i have a glamour pic too, i was so fat and ugly in mine though. haha. you look adorable.

Iva said...

Becky! you are SO beautiful BOTH as a blonde AND a brunette!! :)